Senate approves Dr. Bienvenu as Director General of Rwanda FDA

On 18 August 2021 at 05:42

The Upper House of Parliament has approved Dr. Emile Bienvenu as the Director General of Rwanda Food and Drug Authority (Rwanda FDA).

Dr. Bienvenu was appointed to the position by the cabinet meeting held on 11th August 2021 chaired by President Paul Kagame.

The Senate approved his appointment yesterday during a plenary session after receiving a report from the senatorial Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Human Rights which also presented projections of Dr. Bievenu.

Dr. Bienvenu told the committee that he has expertise in drugs formulation and research beneficial to the country’s initiative to manufacture drugs and vaccines locally.

Dr. Bievenu pledged to fast track reforms aimed at revising guidelines for use of drugs in the country and draw attention to scrutinizing factories manufacturing drugs to ensure they meet international standards.

Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority was established by the law Nº 003/2018 of 09/02/2018 determining its mission, organization and functioning.

The mandate of the Authority is to protect public health through regulation of human and veterinary medicines, vaccines and other biological products, processed foods, poisons, medicated cosmetics, medical devices, household chemical substances, tobacco and tobacco products.

Who is Dr. Emile Bievenue?

Dr. Emile Bienvenu is a Pharmacist holding a Master’s degree (Pharmacology) from University of the Western Cape in South Africa, and a PhD (Medical Science) from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden in the area of Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Emile combines research, academic and managerial skills.

He has been serving as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences. He also served as University Director for Innovation since 2017 prior to new his new appointment and as Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research.

Previously at National University of Rwanda where he served as Lecturer, he has been the Executive Secretary for the University Research Office for six years (2002 to 2008). Dr. Emile also served as External Examiner at Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences in Tanzania until 2016. From July 2011 until May 2013 he was the Head of Medical Procurement Division at Rwanda Biomedical Center. Since 2009 to 2020, Dr. Emile is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) for which he is a Member since 2002. He also served as Member of the Board of Directors at Rwanda Military Hospital (2012-2018).

Dr. Emile research focuses on therapy optimization based on pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic considerations, especially for HIV and TB co-infection. He is the Country Principal Investigator of a 5-year EU/EDCTP funded research project (2018-2023) focusing on Pharmacovigilance in East Africa. Dr. Emile authored a number of papers in peer-reviewed international Journals over the past 7 years and is a Reviewer for a number of peer reviewed Journals.

Dr. Emile is also an expert for hospital Drug & Therapeutic Committees (DTCs). He provided technical assistance as a resource person to the Ministry of Health in Rwanda (2006) in formulating the first editions of the Standard Treatment Guidelines and Drug Formulary.

Dr. Emile combines his pharmacology research with commitments in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Among others, he completed a research attachment at McGill University in Canada (2008), where he contributed to the project "The alternative modeling of Intellectual Property Systems in biotechnology innovation".

Dr. Emile has been serving as the Country Principal Researcher for “StArfrica - Startup Germany-Africa”, a 4-year German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs funded project (2020-2024).

Dr. Emile Bienvenu has been approved as the Director General of Rwanda FDA.