Sergeant Robert arrested

On 16 May 2022 at 01:35

Ugandan security officials have arrested Sgt Major Robert Kabera, a soldier of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) who fled to the country in 2020.

Sgt Kabera is arrested following the search to his home over suspected illegal possession of a gun.

It is said that Sgt Robert has been arrested today morning and detained in Masanafu of Kampala.

Chimpreports has reported that Robert was arrested over allegedly sneaking a gun into Uganda.

Sergeant Major Kabera Robert gained popularity for his stage name ‘Sergeant Robert’.

Before fleeing, he was part of RDF Army Military Band renowned for his song ‘Impanda’ among other songs praising Rwanda’s army.

He fled RDF towards the end of 2020. At the time, it was said that he defiled his daughter aged 15 at his home in Ndera Sector of Gasabo District on 21st November 2020 and disappeared after committing the crime.

IGIHE learnt that Robert was ill-drunk before sexually assaulting his daughter.

Sources reveal that he might be sent to Rwanda, following his arrest, to face justice.

As he arrived in Uganda, Sergeant Robert appeared in an interview with Daily Monitor, Uganda based newspaper in which he confirmed to have escaped to Uganda where he was seeking asylum.

He explained that he fled the country on 18th November along with his wife through Kagitumba peripheral border lines. The former RDF soldier narrated that he left three children and a seven-month old child.

As he left the country with the child, the suspect was obstructed by flooded footpaths and decided to leave her in Rwanda lest she drowns.

His deportation to Rwanda will further evidence collaboration between both countries and efforts to restore relations to normal.

However, it won’t be the first time both countries exchange suspected criminals.

In 2013, Rwanda arrested Namuyimbwa Shanita alias ‘Bad Black’ who had illegally crossed to its land. He was not allowed to leave his country after he was convicted of funds misappropriation.

Before both countries’ relations worsened in 2017, Uganda had received more 26 suspected criminals from Rwanda to face justice at home.

In 2020, Rwanda and Uganda signed extradition treaty to exchange criminals at the 4th Quadripartite Summit of the Heads of state of Uganda, Rwanda, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo aimed at mending bilateral relations held at Gatuna One Stop Border.

The extradition treaty constitutes, among others, the legal framework to handle cases of justice including those related to subversive activities practiced by either of the 2 countries’ nationals in the territory of the other party.

The treaty is of great significance as Rwanda accuses Uganda of sheltering suspected criminals and harbouring terrorist activities of rebel outfits including RNC, FDLR and RUD among others intending to threaten Rwanda’s security.

Sergeant Robert has been arrested.