Serving water in glass bottles during CHOGM shows Rwanda’s commitment to environmental preservation

On 29 June 2022 at 03:21

In 2019, Rwanda established the law banning the manufacturing, import, use and trade of single-use plastic items. At the time, manufacturers were given two-year deadline to have halted production but the latter expired in September last year.

Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) says that plastic bottles can continue to be used as the country seeks an alternative for packaging.

In a bid to support efforts aimed at curbing the use of plastic bottles, SKOL Brewery Ltd, a company which manufactures soft and alcoholic drinks introduced its water brand dubbed Virunga Water in glass bottles.

The water was also served to nearly 4,000 participants of the CHOGM 2022 and other forums that took place in Kigali between 20th and 25th June 2022. Hadn’t the government opted for the alternative, nearly 10,000 plastic bottles could have been served to delegates every day.

This is considered as a great milestone to efforts meant to curb the use of plastic bottles which have harmful effects to the environment.

The Chief Executive Officer of SKOL Brewery Ltd, Ivan Wulffaert has told IGIHE that Rwanda’s decision to serve water to delegates at different hotels in glass bottles is commendable.

“It shows Rwanda’s commitment to sustainability and the big step done in keeping the country green. The country has initiated different sustainability programs like rehabilitating wetlands, planting trees and more, but what was the most remarkable one during CHOGM is the usage of water in glass bottles, whereby delegates attending different meetings and social events could keep consuming water without worrying about polluting the environment,” he said.

Wulffaert went on to explain that it was a great achievement for the country, and it showed that it is possible to move from plastic bottles to glass bottles.

“As a way forward to the journey of fighting pollution and have a more environment-friendly and sustainable country and world, Rwandans should take example on this and change their consumption behaviours and spirit by shifting to eco-friendly products,” he noted.

Wulffaert highlighted that the support from private sector is very needed to make this journey a success, as it would not have been easy and possible to have a plastic free CHOGM without the present manufacturers on the market providing water in glass bottles like SKOL Brewery Ltd with its Virunga Water.

SKOL unveiled Virunga Water in glass bottles towards the end of December 2020.

SKOL unveiled Virunga Water in glass bottles towards the end of December 2020.