SFH Rwanda builds community health posts worth Rwf97 million

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 20 August 2020 at 08:33

Society for Family Health (SFH Rwanda), a Rwandan health care service organization, has launched two health posts built in Gasabo District to help members of the community access health care in close vicinities.

The health posts will provide primary health care services including; screening, testing, family planning, immunization, general medicine, and maternity services.

The two health posts have been completed at a cost of Rwf97 million. One will be supervised by Remera Health Center while the other will be supervised by Kacyiru Health Center.

SFH Rwanda Director of Health Programs, Janepher Turatsinze, told IGIHE that as a Rwandan institution that is committed to making Rwandans healthier, it has set itself the goal of building health posts is to bring health care closer to the people.

The Executive Director of Gasabo District, Umwali Pauline, said the health posts are coming to complement the government’s plan to build health posts in each cell, to make it easier to provide medical services to the people.

Umwali said they would do their best to provide better services to the health posts, including providing doctors who would treat the community.

The director of Kacyiru Health Center, Janvier Ndatimana, said the health posts will provide services for "screening, testing, family planning, immunization, general medicine and maternity services."

Health posts built-in Gasabo District are expected to facilitate the work of health counselors, who take care of the community on the daily basis.

A health counselor in Gasasa Village, where one of the health posts is located, Mukayiraba Winnie, said it was a blessing because it will make their work easier.

“We are very blessed. We used to have women who were going to give birth but to reach out to them wasn’t easy. Some used to give birth on the way. But now that the health posts is here, in the middle of the village, it will be easier for us to get here soon.”

She asked medical workers to always provide good services so that medical services consumption gets better appreciation.

SFH Rwanda has already contributed to the construction of 169 primary clinics across the country and 10 others in the second phase.

Apart from building health posts, SFH Rwanda also provides family planning, AIDS prevention, malaria prevention, and other pandemics awareness services. The organization also provides life-saving equipment including mosquito nets, condoms, family planning equipment, and more.

SFH Rwanda strive to enable universal access to medical services without difficulties.

The organization in Rwanda started in 2012, working with other agencies such as the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), the Imbuto Foundation, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), PSI, USAID, CDC, DOD, Global Fund, SC Johnson, Abbott, IntareHealth, AmrefHealth Africa, UNICEF and more.

These clinics have all the necessary medical equipment
Patients have a place to sit while waiting for the medical services, and respect the social distance to avoid COVID-19
The maternity ward is equipped with all the necessary equipment
SFH Rwanda provides condoms to help people avoid sexually transmitted infections