Smuggler apprehended in Rubavu

On 11 January 2022 at 11:15

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has arrested a man identified as Mushema, 29, with smuggled shoes and cannabis which he was sneaking into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was arrested towards the end of last week in Kabari village, Nyamikongi cell of Kanzenze sector in Rubavu district with eight kilograms of cannabis and three bales of second hand shoes.

Police Spokesperson in Western Province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Bonaventure Twizere Karekezi has said that the smuggled items were found hidden in the boot of a vehicle that headed to Kigali.

“Police arrested the suspect upon provided information that he was a drug dealer. Police set a road block along the road Rubavu-Musanze and arrested him after crossing from DRC through porous entry points. Police officers on duty searched his vehicle where they found eight kilograms of cannabis and 3 bales of second hand clothes,” he said.

Upon his arrest, the suspect admitted to have smuggled the items from DRC noting that he was supplying clothes to clients in Musanze and cannabis in Kigali.

He was handed over to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) in Kanama for further legal process.

In article 199 of the East African Community Management Act, which is also applicable in Rwanda, any automobile used in smuggling and seized smuggled goods are auctioned while the driver is fined US$5,000.

A taxpayer, who commits fraud, is subject to an administrative fine of one hundred percent (100%) of the evaded tax. With exception to that penalty, the Tax Administration refers the case to the Prosecution service if the taxpayer voluntarily evaded such tax, like through the use of false accounts, falsified documents or any other act punishable by law. In case of conviction, the taxpayer can be imprisoned for a period between six (6) months and two (2) years.”

Cannabis alongside heroin, cocaine and opium are classified as "very severe drugs" under the Ministerial order nº 001/MoH/2019 of 04/03/2019 establishing the list of narcotic drugs and their categorisation.

Anyone convicted for dealing in "very severe narcotic drugs" under article 263 of the law determining offences and penalties in general, faces between 20 years and life imprisonment, and a fine of between Rwf20 million and to Rwf30 million.

Some of smuggled second hand shoes.