South Korean experts to train local engineers on design of bridge structures

On 21 March 2022 at 05:32

South Korean Software Company renowned globally as the leader of bridge engineering technologies, MIDAS is set to send its experts to Rwanda to provide special training to local civil, structural, roads, and bridge engineers on the design of bridge structures.

In partnership with Rwanda’s premier skills development center for AEC Professionals, Nziza Training Academy and MIDAS in line with ambitions to help local professionals to gain high-level competing skills to handle complicated and high budget projects, both companies have joined hands to provide hands-on training on bridge design, which is formulated for local engineers in the related fields.

The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) recognizes this special training where registered engineers will be awarded 25 CPD Points after attending.

Rwanda is rapidly developing infrastructures, the first flyover bridge is being erected at KICUKIRO Centre roads junction and many more are to come.

Are our local engineers ready to plan, inspect, study and technically verify these kinds of projects compared to the standard level? To answer that question, MIDAS and Nziza Training Academy are going to provide 6 days of special training to be delivered by South Korean bridge experts from March 29, 2022.

The training will mainly focus on the use of Midas Civil software, MIDAS Civil is a Finite Element Analysis software, which is used for bridge design and analysis. It combines the powerful pre-and post-processing features with an extremely fast solver that makes bridge modeling and analysis simple, quick, and effective. In addition to that, several easy parameter modification tools are available, that can be used for parametric analysis leading to optimized and economical design.

To attend this training you must have a college degree in the option of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Roads and Highway Engineering, or Bridge Engineering. Moreover, you must have advanced knowledge and understanding of structural design.

Interested individuals can call or WhatsApp Nziza Training Academy hotline at +250785568718 or +250788472191 for registration

This training will run from 30th March to 3rd April 2022.Professionals who will be trained on bridge design, together with other professionals that were trained by Nziza Training Academy in the class of 2020, 2021, as well as those who attended other seminars in 2022 will receive certificates on 4th April at 4 p.m at M Hotel.

During the ceremony, there will also be a launch of RWANDA POLYTECHNIC’s IPRC Gishari masterplan 2050, the very first mega project to ever be studied hundred percent by Rwandans placed on 45 hectares, designed by Nziza Training academy trained architects and designers.

An expert invited by Nziza Training Academy coaching quantity surveyors in Rwanda recently.