South Sudan: Rwandan Police peacekeepers plant trees, donate gumboots

On 5 October 2022 at 06:27

Rwandan Police peacekeepers deployed in Malakal, Upper Nile under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), on Tuesday October 4, engaged in environmental protection exercise to plant trees.

They also donated 100 gumboots to the local youth, who form the Community Watch Group.

The peacekeepers include Rwanda Formed Police Unit (RWAFPU1-7) contingent of 240 officers, and Rwandan Individual Police Officers (IPO) deployed in Malakal. They were also joined by South Sudanese in the communal work.

The trees were planted around the Protection of Civilian (PoC) camp, which hosts over 59,000 internally displaced persons. The camp is under the protection of the Rwanda Formed Police Unit.

The exercise to plant trees aimed at encouraging the locals in environmental protection and community policing programmes.

The youth group works with the Rwandan peacekeepers inside the IDP camp to address the safety and security challenges.

Brig. Gen. Monica Sebili Monsekiang, the Protection of Civilian Coordinator (POCC) for Malakal, thanked the Rwandan peacekeepers for ensuring security of those displaced by violent conflicts, and for their efforts to support them through various initiatives.

"These people feel safe because you are here to ensure that day and night. You played a crucial part when this camp experienced an influx of over 15000 people displaced by conflicts.

More to that, such environmental protection and community policing initiatives add value to the work of the UN here in South Sudan," Brig. Gen. Monsekiang said.

She urged the residents to protect the planted trees, plant more trees and to encourage others to protect the environment.

The RWAFPU1-7 contingent commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Prudence Ngendahimana thanked the local residents for their support and partnership in security matters.

He particularly thanked the Community Watch Group for their proactive activities to work with the Rwandan peacekeepers to make the people safe.

The PoC chairman, Yoawnes Kimo Deng appreciated the Rwandan peacekeepers for introducing the tree planting initiative.

"This is the first time that trees have been planted around our camp, and it’s a lesson learnt that we will continue to engage in together with our young people, who help us in various matters, including solving conflicts," Deng said.

He added that some of the trees planted will provide herbs for traditional medicine.