Special features of the electric car used in the ’Kigali International Peace Marathon 2024

By Esther Muhozi
On 11 June 2024 at 02:43

For the third consecutive time, Carcarbaba cars led the runners participating in the ’Kigali International Peace Marathon 2024’, where this year the company showcased "Dongfeng Frothing Friday ’’ electric vehicles.

In this 19th edition of the Kigali International Peace Marathon, Carcarbaba was a sponsor, with its vehicles responsible for leading the athletes along the route and showing them the time they had spent.

In 2022, there were T5 EVO petrol cars, in 2023 there were T5 EVO Hybrid 2023 cars using both electricity and petrol, but this time Carcarbaba showcased "Dongfeng Forthing Friday ’’ vehicles that use only electricity.

All these vehicles are made by Dongfeng LIUZHOU Motor Corporation Ltd, a Chinese state-owned company and one of the leading ones.

The ambassador of Carcarbaba Ltd, Kalimpinya Queen, who was driving the car leading the runners, said that this car came as an environmental solution because it does not pollute the air.

She said, "This car is one of the best modern cars here in Rwanda and it aligns well with the government’s goals because it does not harm the environment. We have a large number of these cars, and the first buyers have already started purchasing them. We also have Hybrid ones. As someone who usually engages in motorsport, I like these cars because they perform well and are fast."

"Dongfeng Forthing Friday" has the capacity to travel 410 kilometers when fully charged. It takes six hours to charge it fully at home, while at a regular station it can be charged in 45 minutes.

Carcarbaba started importing vehicles made by these manufacturers at the end of 2021, including those suitable for the Rwandan market, which have become popular because they are new and reasonably priced.

Kalimpinya mentioned that Carcarbaba tested how these vehicles perform on Rwandan roads and found that they work well.

How can someone who bought a Carcarbaba vehicle get help if they encounter a problem?

Regarding how someone with a Carcarbaba vehicle can get assistance in case of a problem, the company has trained staff and its own garage.

They have engineers sent by the manufacturer who make these vehicles, plenty of spare parts, and they offer a warranty that gives the customer confidence in the vehicle.

The warranty is three years for the car and five years for its battery.

Carcarbaba is located on ’Poids Lourds’ road, next to Sawa Citi, on the road to Kanogo, and is open every day including weekends.

It is easy to visit anytime or call 6699/ 0788708280.

Carcarbaba officials who attended the 'Kigali International Peace Marathon 2024' provided support.
Kalimpinya Queen, who was driving this car, said that it is good and suitable for Rwandan roads.
Carcarbaba started bringing these cars to Rwanda in 2021 and has been a sponsor of the Kigali International Peace Marathon since 2022.