StarTimes provides alternatives in case of power blackout

On 23 April 2020 at 11:14

People might get used to stay safe at home for a while, but there is no reason for them to get used to the instable power supply. Imagine how frustrated that your family will be for a sudden cut to the most attractive point of a programme just due to the power problem.

Given the fact that some public operation has been influenced under the pandemic, instable power supply could be a common bother to families, especially those located in rural areas. However, the alternatives offered by StarTimes can help with such a problem.

StarTimes ON, the streaming video APP applied by over 20 million users in Africa, can serve when your TV set does not work for power blackout. Normally, the interaction between TV and mobile is able to suffice the multiple watching requirements of family members; and the programme on TV can continue on a mobile phone once the TV is power off.

Currently, by linking your smart card with the StarTimes ON application, you can recharge or upgrade your TV bouquet directly with your phone, and all live channels on DVB platform you can receive are also available on the StarTimes ON.

Apart from the APP StarTimes ON, StarTimes Solar Power System can also be taken for a method to solve the blackout problem. The system can support charging for mobile phone and TV set at the same time for daily use, just to deal with the situation that all electric devices are out of power.

“With support in access to accurate information and educational programmes we would like to provide to the public, StarTimes is always here facilitate the normal operation and services,”said XXX, the CEO of StarTimes XXX company, “to build a Healthy Environment needs efforts from everyone, we hope the accesses provided can help for maintaining Healthy Behaviours, keeping a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mindset.”