Students at Wisdom School mull establishing soaps manufacturing plant

On 14 June 2022 at 09:49

Students at Wisdom School and their educators have revealed that they are about to achieve dreams of establishing soaps manufacturing plant owing to knowledge acquired from the school which trains them to work hard to become successful entrepreneurs.

The students from ordinary level at the school located in Musanze District have said that they want to become entrepreneurs by setting up the plant after graduation instead of applying for jobs.

Ishimwe Mucyo Gloria, a student at the school has said that they have acquired enough skills helping them to produce solid and liquid soaps among others.

“We make solid soap, liquid soap and oil paints. I am able to produce all the products listed above that I cannot stay jobless after graduation. For instance, I produced soaps during lockdown which we used at home and shared with neighbours. During the eight months spent at home, I generated Rwf60,000 in profits excluding the quantities used at home,” she disclosed.

“We feel blessed to study at a school which equips us with theoretical knowledge and help us put into practice. I know how to produce a soap using herbs or chemical substances. Soaps are currently expensive. I am ready to make them at home so we can save the money. I feel competent enough to work at any soap manufacturing plant. This inspired me to start considering how I can establish such plant and provide job opportunities," said Iranzi Fred, another student at Wisdom School.

Akeza Songa Erica also observed that acquired knowledge will help them create own jobs.

“I thank our teachers very much for equipping us with helpful skills. There are instances when a student can halt studies for improvised reasons. An individual with such skills cannot struggle because he/she can start a business anytime. I want to leverage on my skills to establish a plant manufacturing soaps,” he affirmed.

The Principal of the secondary section of Wisdom School, Evariste Bizimana has said that students are given floor to put into practice theoretical courses.

“Normally, Rwanda’s curriculum recommends theory and practice in class. At Wisdom School, we go an extra mile to explore applicability of acquire skills. Their works here capacitate them to become future entrepreneurs to contribute to individual growth and national development,” he said.

“A parent bringing a child to this school rests assured of her/his better future. It is shocking to see a graduate working as a mason-helper, spending almost all the times watching television or wandering yet he/she should have pursued vocational courses to create jobs,” added Bizimana.

The Director of Wisdom School, Elie Nduwayesu says that the school seeks to prioritize practical sessions among students enabling them to become more relevant to the community.

“Wisdom School is committed to equip students with relevant skills that might pave the way for jobs creation by establishing a plant. A team from regulatory body took samples from students’ products including soaps and oil for test and confirmed that they are of good quality.

The remaining step is to get official approval so that we can establish a plant. All these activities will be carried out by students even though it requires advanced skills. That is why we request parents to be with us throughout this journey,” he noted.

Wisdom School is a private school located in Musanze District with more campuses in Rubavu, Nyabihu and Burera districts.

The school’s graduates have been exhibiting excellent performance since 2012 where it has released 1416 students who continued studies in public schools while others were sent to pursue education overseas.

Soaps produced by students are used to maintain the school's hygiene.
Students also have skills to make solid soaps.
Students and teachers holding samples of produced soaps.
Students in a laboratory at Wisdom School.