Suspected drug dealers arrested in Kigali

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 15 August 2020 at 12:27

The Anti-Narcotics Unit (ANU), Thursday this week carried out an operation intended to curtail drug dealing during which traffickers in Kigali city, were arrested with 13,200 packets and 10 kilograms of cannabis seized.

Gasabo Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Pierre Tebuka, said some were arrested in Gisozi Sector and others were arrested in Kinyinya sector both in Gasabo District.

"Residents of Kinyinya sector informed us that Hitayezu Emmanuel was selling cannabis. Police arrested him at Richard Habimana’s house while delivering him 72 packets. On his way, police arrested, took him to his home for search and found there 87 packs left," he said.

SSP Tebuka added that Hitayezu used to buy cannabis from Mugorenejo Irene, of, 60, through Mazimpaka Jean-Paul.

"Mazimpaka was arrested and called Irene Mugorenejo to bring him cannabis. Mugorenejo cam and was immediately arrested but refused to show them where she lives in Gisozi sector.

SSP Tebuka said residents showed them Mugorenejo’s house where police found 40-year-old Mushimiyimana Speciose in the house and found 13,200 packets and 10 kilograms of cannabis.

The cannabis store was located in Mugorenejo’s home, where 25-year-old Gashumba Gerard and 31-year-old Alex Sibomana were also arrested.

Mugorenejo says cannabis is supplied to her by a resident of Burera district who is also the main supplier to Kigali city.

SSP Tebuka thanked the community’s participation in the operation, urging them to continue isolating the perpetrators.