Tech Round-Up: The past week’s highlights

By Josepha Mafubo
On 17 October 2023 at 04:01

As the curtains rise on the much-anticipated Mobile World Congress (MWC) organized by GSMA in Kigali, Africa’s premier connectivity conference on October 17-19, 2023, the city’s tech momentum continues to surge.

In the run-up to this transformative event, let’s take a closer look at the inspiring tech happenings of the past week that have solidified Kigali’s position in the global tech arena.

Infobip Connect at Norrsken East Africa

Infobip, a global leader in omnichannel engagement, recently hosted a captivating session at Norrsken. The event revolved around the dynamic startup landscape, shedding light on Infobip’s new initiative, the ’Startup Tribe,’ aimed at empowering startups to enhance their customer engagement strategies.

By removing the obstacles of infrastructure setup, Infobip enables startups to focus their efforts on product development and business expansion. This meeting not only served as a platform for tech enthusiasts to learn, connect, and innovate but also demonstrated Africa’s significant strides in the world of technology.

Duncan Mochama, an account executive at Infobip, noted the refreshing enthusiasm, stating, "As an East African, it was refreshing to see the thirst for tech knowledge not only in Kigali but also from participants hailing from as far as Liberia and the ends of Congo."

AfriLabs Annual Gathering: Pan-African Tech in Focus

Kigali was abuzz with excitement as the AfriLabs Annual Gathering took center stage, bringing together Africa’s tech and entrepreneurship community.

Anna Ekeledo, the Executive Director of AfriLabs, seized the spotlight to unveil the organization’s ambitious blueprint for fostering innovation across the continent. The launch of AfriLabs Connect 2.0 and the AfriLabs Connect Deal Room ushered in a new era of collaboration and connectivity within Africa’s tech sphere.

Diverse stakeholders, including representatives from GIZ and Rwanda’s Ministry of ICT & Innovation, graced the platform to underscore collaborative ventures and the nation’s expansive digital roadmap. Renowned artist Jude ’MI’ Abaga added a unique artistic dimension with a discussion on the convergence of art and technology.

With the Mobile World Congress in Kigali on the horizon, it’s clear that Kigali has become a vibrant hub for tech events. Its rapid growth, supportive environment for startups, emphasis on collaboration, and a willingness to explore new intersections of technology and creativity make it a dynamic and promising destination for anyone interested in the future of technology.

Infobip recently hosted a captivating session at Norrsken that revolved around the dynamic startup landscape.
The AfriLabs annual gathering brought together Africa’s tech and entrepreneurship community.