Ten classrooms and latrines worth Rwf 100 million launched in Rusizi

On 31 December 2020 at 09:13

Rusizi district yesterday launched the first batch of 10 classrooms and 12 latrines expected to reduce overcrowding among schools.

The facilities constructed at Groupe Scolaire Kaboza in Cyingwa cell of Gitambi sector were completed at a cost of Rwf 100 million on funding of the World Bank.

The mayor of Rusizi district, Ephrem Kayumba has explained that the inauguration of new classrooms is a great milestone despite faced challenges that delayed completion.

“Construction activities were delayed due to difficulties including rainy season that muds would stuck trucks transporting materials for three days along the way before reaching the area. Secondly, we experienced shortage of steels to make doors and glasses because construction activities were concurrently done at different schools. We have however handling the situation appropriately,” he said.

A total of 210 out of 754 classrooms under-construction in different sectors have been completed awaiting official inauguration.

The executive secretary of Gitambi sector, Iyakaremye Jean Pierre said that new classrooms will help students to attend to courses in favorable environment.

“We had a problem of overcrowding and old classrooms. The new facilities will help children to study in comfort, thus improving performance,” he noted.

The project to build 22,505 classrooms and 31, 932 latrines was launched in June this year to reduce overcrowding and long walk for some students to reach schools.

They are built on funding of the World Bank in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda while citizens lend a hand through community work.

The mayor of Rusizi district, Ephrem Kayumba presided over the launched of new classrooms.
New classrooms are expected to reduce overcrowding.