Ten things to consider in your 20s

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 27 September 2022 at 12:50

While your 20s should be a time of fun, a time to experience the world whether good or bad, it is also a time to learn things that will benefit you in the future. There are a lot of things to do in your 20s but you need to have priorities and make right choices, to rest assured of a prosperous future with no regret. We have compiled some of things that need much attention and habits from which one should draw inspiration.

Career counselor Faithful Esther advises people in this age group to start saving as much as possible so they can be financially stable.

Nonetheless for an individual to save they should have money to save. This raises the question: ‘how can people in their 20s make money?’

Most people in this age group are most likely starting university or graduating. So, how are they earning money?

Keza Nancy,22, a 2nd-year university student is conducting a professional internship.

Even though she uses most of internship facilitations for transport and lunch, Keza is convinced that it is a stepping stone for career growth and considers it a doorway for future employment.

Since most jobs require experience, Faithful recommends that people in their 20s take this as an opportunity to try internships or volunteer to explore diverse careers and find which best suits them while they are still young.

“Have a life plan to guide you and direct you so you’re not directionless or under pressure to keep up with the Joneses,” she says.

Another thing to consider is ‘reading extensively’. This is something everyone has heard of at least once in their lifetime. However, it is important to be intentional and start reading self-development books and, expertise in one subject but do not forget to look through different subjects for those cases when you find yourself amidst new people, so you can hold your own.

Also suggested is attending different conferences. A 20-year-old young person with a smartphone or with access to television or radio, has chances to learn about different conferences happening around their home or within the country.

If possible, an individual should attend these conferences and make connections with numerous people with various positions. By doing so, you will be more likely to find one that interest you and meet your future employer.

Again, be self-aware and do the work you need to be your best version. Be honest about your strengths and areas for growth.

According to a psychologist and blogger, Dr. Jennifer Baker-Porazinski, brain changes with age where the brain of individuals in their 20s is considered to be fine-tuning or maturing.

In this regard, ’areas of the brain responsible for planning, working memory, and impulse control finish developing and the brain has reached its peak in terms of performance’.

Porazinski also highlights that it is a perfect time to work on oneself and learn new things.

Habits or hobbies are also important to a person’s life. Counselor Faithful advises that an individual should find interests, hobbies, and passions and pursue them intentionally to get better.

This can be either by learning to play an instrument or learning to speak a new language. A growing individual should be active in activities that will better them rather than destroy them.

Another aspect to be considered is about investing in relationships, and know the people you spend time with. The people in someone’s life should be pushing them to be better. Relationships are based on mutual respect, understanding, good communication, trust, and more. Be intentional in starting a relationship platonic or not, and keep in mind that to have a good friend you should be a good friend.

Counselor Faithful advises individuals to ‘take time and learn not to take things personally, extend grace and benefit of the doubt because everyone has stuff they’re dealing with and each has a story you know nothing about. So just Learn to be kind early.’

“Travel, travel, travel! Even if you have to backpack on your own, don’t cancel your trips if your friends back out at the last minute,” says Faithful.

There are benefits of traveling; stress relieving, promoting physical activity, being educational, and exploring different cultures.

And lastly, learn not to be a people pleaser, and set boundaries. This builds self-esteem, builds character, and tests a person’s self-respect and discipline. It is a bold statement to make but it proves its point.

The youth are advised to identify priorities in their 20s and make the right choices to avoid regrets. Photo CGTN.