Terrassa Holdings bringing spice to wine, liquor enthusiasts with high quality brands

On 25 February 2021 at 12:25

Alcoholic drinks have been associated with fun during social events, but consuming substandard products might pose health risks including acute diseases like liver, kidney complications and heart diseases among others. This is a call to remind people to be selective and ensure that they consume drinks from accredited suppliers and retailers who adhere to standards.

It is under this context that Terrassa Wines, a subsidiary of Terrassa Holdings joined the market in 2019 to bring spice to enthusiasts, bringing a wide range of brands to Rwanda.

As one of the biggest Holdings in Rwanda, Terrassa imports prestigious brands with uncompromised quality from internationally accredited producers.

Apart from selling Wines, Liquor, scotch and energy drinks, Terrassa has an assortment of soft drinks to serve to varied customers.

At Terrassa Holdings, customers can pick wines, liquors of choice imported from renowned manufacturers in Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States of America among others.

Terrassa Management has told IGIHE that the store was introduced to bring quality & premium drinks closer to customers in Rwanda.

“The major reason for our start-up was to avail varieties of wines, scotch, whisky, vodka, energy drinks and other soft drinks all under one roof, and also an impeccable customer care experience.”

Located at Sonatubes and Nyarutarama, the store has the ability to serve Kigali through a swift delivery service.

For further inquiries, please contact 0788331050

At Terrassa Holdings, customers can pick wines, liquors of choice imported from renowned manufacturers.