Kayonza District hands over 271 houses to needy families

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 9 September 2020 at 09:02

Kayonza District Administration has announced that 271 houses have been built for the needy and homeless and have begun building for 397 families to be relocated from slums.

The Mayor of Kayonza District, Murenzi Jean Claude, told IGIHE that during the 2019/2020 financial year, they decided to build 271 houses for families that had been listed as vulnerable and homeless.

He also said that this year they have started building for other 397 families who are living in dilapidated houses that could cause problems at any time.

Mayor Murenzi urged residents to take good care of the houses they were given because they belong to them not the district.

Solange, a 46-year-old woman living with her three children in Nyamirama Sector, said she is happy to receive the house because she had been living a bad life for a long time.

She said that currently, she is fighting to get out of poverty and raising her children well and change their lives.

Mukambuguje Leocadie, 65, a resident of Mukarange Sector where she had been renting for eight years, said she is grateful to the authorities who took care of her until the house was built for her.

Sacca’s director, Valentine Mukamuyenzi, said helping the District accommodate the needy it is an activity they have embarked on to help the vulnerable people.

“Sacca is already doing a lot of work to help street children and their families, especially the needy. This year we have started a program to help more people who are homeless, working with the district to help them. ”

Each residential building, built at a cost of Rwf3 million, has at least three rooms, it includes house chairs, beds, bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.

Mukambuguje is grateful to the authorities who took care of her until the house was built for her
The house where Solange and her three children were living before
Murenzi Jean Claude urged residents to take good care of the house they are given because it is theirs