The task that awaits Minister Gatabazi

On 20 March 2021 at 09:07

Prof. Anastase Shyaka who headed the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) for almost two years and half has said that a lot has been achieved during his office term in collaboration with relevant institutions and pointed out areas of priority his successor, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi should take on specifically seeking solutions to problems bugging Rwandans’ welfare.

It was revealed on Friday 19th March 2021 during a handover ceremony between the outgoing Minister of Local Government, Prof. Shyaka and his successor, Gatabazi few hours after searing-in.

Prof. Shyaka thanked President Paul Kagame for having trusted him, and the support he received to accomplish his duties.

Several achievements have been attained since Prof. Shyaka held office in 2018. As for good governance indicators, the citizen inclusiveness has improved from 65% to 82%, leadership decentralization improved from 70% to 87%, service delivery improved from 74% to 78% as the Government targets to hit 90% in the Seven Year National Strategy for Transformation.

“It is apparent that that there is a long journey to attain the goal in the next three years ahead,” said Prof. Shyaka.

In collaboration with other institutions, the outgoing Minister Prof. Shyaka had pledged to help Rwandans get shelters whereby 11,000 houses were supposed to be constructed between 2018 and 2021.

“Approximately 9000 houses have been constructed and handed over to owners. However, the journey is continuous as many more houses need to be renovated,” he noted.

Local government entities have made a remarkable progress whereby 97% of services are offered online against 89% in 2020.

Prof. Shyaka explained that more efforts were expended in the execution of delaying projects which saw 65% completed while 25% are pending.

“Local leaders have made a commendable step towards efficient management of public resources over the past three years but we still have areas of improvement,” he said.

The task awaiting Gatabazi

The Ministry of Local Government ensures the coordination of good governance and high quality territorial administration programs that promote economic, social and political development throughout the nation.

The Ministry is also responsible for developing, disseminating and coordinating the implementation of policies, strategies and sector programs through the formulation of national policies, strategies and programs of good governance, territorial administration, social affairs and group settlement sites to ensure sustainable community development; develop a legal framework for good governance, territorial administration, settlement and social-economic development among others.

Prof Shyaka highlighted that his successor should put emphasis on increased efforts to help grass root leadership to prevent the spread of COVID-19, oversee Ubudehe social class classifications and reinforce cells leadership.

Among others, he stressed need to draw attention on sorting out problems affecting Rwandans’ wellbeing, particularly, vulnerable people.

Minister Gatabazi pledged collaboration with others to accomplish his duties diligently.

“As he often reminds us, I firstly have to feel that I am not alone. President of the Republic is around with promises for citizens within seven years. What always came to my mind is asking myself what do people expect? This makes me feel that leadership is a responsibility requiring someone to be held accountable in case of failure to deliver,” he said.

The outgoing Minister of Local Government, Prof. Anastase Shyaka and his successor Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi at the handover ceremony yesterday.