Things to know about the second RIBA annual conference

On 13 September 2023 at 11:47

Rwanda Insurance Brokers Association (RIBA) is diligently preparing for its second annual conference, which aims, among other things, to promote mutual support and partnerships among industry stakeholders.

The inaugural conference took place at Kivu Serena Hotel from August 31st to Saturday, September 3rd, 2022.

Like the previous edition, this conference will bring together stakeholders from the insurance industry in Rwanda and the region.

This article offers an in-depth look at what you need to know about this upcoming event from the perspective of the organizers, providing insights into the themes, objectives, and anticipated highlights.

Setting the Stage: RIBA’s core objectives

Before delving into the conference details, it’s essential to understand RIBA’s foundational objectives that underpin this annual gathering.

RIBA’s primary mission revolves around promoting and expanding sound insurance brokerage activities in Rwanda, ensuring a thriving and ethical industry. Beyond this, the association actively engages with legislative matters, advocating for laws that benefit both its members and the public.

To maintain the highest standards within the industry, RIBA formulates rules, regulations, and ethical codes safeguarding the interests of the profession. It also serves as a mediator, addressing complaints and disputes while collecting vital industry information.

RIBA’s commitment extends to knowledge sharing, organizing conferences and seminars that facilitate knowledge exchange among members and the public. Additionally, the association maintains an open dialogue with insurers, loss adjusters, and other industry organizations, promoting mutual growth. Lastly, RIBA represents its members’ views to governmental and private bodies while organizing social and educational activities to foster a sense of community.

Conference theme

The central theme of the conference, "The Power of Partnerships," emphasizes the significance of collaboration among various stakeholders within the insurance industry. Participants range from regulators and government bodies to reinsurers, insurers, bankers, insurtech companies, and more.

Focus on partnerships

The conference’s goals are multifaceted. It aims to promote dialogue and mutual learning to identify key challenges within the Rwandan insurance sector. Additionally, it seeks to equip young industry players with leadership skills and opportunities. Collaboration is also seen as the key to developing innovative solutions, enhancing services and products, and rethinking risk assessment and mitigation.

Besides, the event explores strategies for reaching untapped markets, thereby increasing insurance penetration and using insurance as a tool for social impact. Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the industry is also a key focus, alongside strengthening the bonds within the insurance community.

Proposed topics for speakers

During the conference, an esteemed lineup of speakers will delve into various facets of the insurance industry. Anticipated topics include adapting to changing customer expectations, the impact of new technologies on insurance, talent recruitment and retention, emerging trends in the insurance industry, the Rwandan insurance market development roadmap, lessons from the banking sector, and insights from regulators on treating customers fairly.

Conference dates and venue

The second annual RIBA conference is scheduled to take place from September 14th to September 16th, 2023 at Classic Resort in the picturesque Musanze District, offering an inspiring backdrop for this gathering of insurance industry leaders.

Invited guests and participants

Expect a diverse and influential array of guests, including regulatory authorities, local government representatives, members of the East Africa Insurance Brokers Association, reinsurers from various countries, development partners, all insurance companies and brokers, mobile network operators (MNOs), insurtech companies, and representatives from the banking sector.

The second annual RIBA conference will take place in the picturesque Musanze District.