Three more honey products recalled from Rwanda’s market

On 29 March 2021 at 02:20

The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has recalled three honey products known as Best Honey, Honey-Power of Natural and Miel de Nyungwe on grounds of poor quality.

A statement released on 27th March 2021 signed by the Acting Director General of Rwanda FDA, Dr Karangwa Charles explains that laboratory tests of the said honey products shows that they are adulterated.

“And the previous inspections Rwanda FDA conducted in response to customer complaints on poor quality of honey available on the market; further reference is made to the quality control laboratory results of BEST HONEY, HONEY-POWER OF NATURE and MIEL DE NYUNGWE which confirmed adulteration of natural honey and the manufacturers were not found; Therefore, Rwanda FDA recalls from the market the Honey products called BEST HONEY, HONEY POWER OF NATURE and MIEL de NYUNGWE,” reads the statement in part.

Rwanda FDA has requested all distributors, supermarkets and all retail shops to stop distribution and sale of the aforementioned honey products and inform Rwanda FDA about the manufacturers and return all quantities to the suppliers within 10 working days.

Suppliers of recalled honey products have been also requested to receive all quantities returned by their clients and submit detailed report including (names, contacts and quantities returned) to Rwanda FDA.

Rwanda FDA has urged the public to stop buying and consuming the recalled honey products.

Recently, Rwanda FDA also recalled another honey product called ‘HONEY HIVE’ on grounds of poor quality.