TomTransfers, an icon in Rwanda’s hospitality with fully furnished apartments, car rental services

On 20 March 2021 at 09:20

Rwanda has expended substantial resources in environmental conservation and preserving biodiversity, an addition to existing historical and cultural vestiges that continue to position Rwanda as a tourist destination bound to present several opportunities.

TomTransfers is one of local companies that took advantage of such opportunities and invested in Apartments and car rental services to delight visitors with memorable experiences during their sojourn in Rwanda.

As one of leading company for the apartments and car rentals in Rwanda, TomTransfers provides well maintained cars for rent, fully furnished apartments with a full package of services such as cleaning services, internet and many more including tourism services.

Headquartered in Niboye sector, Kicukiro district, TomTransfers has different apartments and cars for rent across the country where clients are taken care of with a welcoming team.

The CEO of TomTransfers, Tom Munyaneza has told IGIHE that a client is treated as a King and receives all necessary support during his / her stay.

“We provide clients with all necessary items and a disciplined, trained home servant to help them. As for rental cars, we make them available at affordable price. We work with technicians in every district that are standby to intervene in case a client experiences any problems along the way. If the car has serious break down, we give you a replacement alternative,” he said.

Three years since Munyaneza started the business, over 20 locals have got employment.

“Our aim is to reduce joblessness. So far, we have 20 permanent employees and 20 others working with us partially. We are optimistic to continue providing job opportunities; the more our business grows,” said Munyaneza.


Munyaneza explained that clients can rent from one to three rooms.

Small cars are rented at a cost of Rwf 15000 while the cost of large cars of different brands ranges from Rwf 30000 to Rwf 40,000 per day. The price might reduce for prolonged rentals.

TomTransfers has one to six-room apartments at the price ranging from US$ 500 (Rwf 490,000) to US$ 2500 (Rwf2.4 million) per month.

Apart from car rental services, TomTransfers also gives jobs to clients buying its cars.

“The arrangement has helped many Rwandans finding it difficulties to identify areas of investment. At TomTransfers, a client buys a car and gets at least three-year contract lease,” said Munyaneza.

TomTransfers has so far served over 5000 clients who expressed delight for received services.

For more details about TomTransfers services, you can visit their website: www.tomtransfers.rw , or contact them on: 0787891147 or 0781947463.