Tranquillity amidst Luxury: Fascinating memories at Émeraude Kivu Resort

On 18 December 2020 at 05:01

Long past the far roads of the south Western Province, right in the district of Rusizi, resides the luxurious and comfortable Emeraude Kivu Resort. An affordable and yet prestigious hotel found in the Kamembe town.

Besides being exactly where the Congo Nile trail begins, in its proximity, one of Africa’s oldest rainforest ‘Nyungwe National Park’ is found. In addition to that, you can spot the plush Green Hills Tea Estate and its factory Shagasha, Cyamudongo Chimp’s Forest, Mashyuza Hotsprings, the Bugarama Valley amongst other attractions.

Emeraude Kivu Resort welcomes you to a fresh and unique atmosphere from its mixture of African and contemporary decor to its rooms and facilities. The rooms vary in size with the view of a lush and well-maintained garden and the majestic Lake Kivu.

If you allow it to brag, the hotel has a spa—Sauna, Steamer and Massage Room—indoor and outdoor restaurant and bar, a fitness centre and conference rooms, all to compliment your stay. Whether you wish to wind down and relax, or simply need to work in a charming and cosy place, t Emeraude Kivu Resort offers it all.

And that’s not all!

Among the activities that you can do while in your touristic stay at the hotel includes Nyungwe Forest National Park and Tea Garden’s tourism, bird-watching, Bugarama Hot Spring, Kamembe City Tour, Lake Kivu "Singing Fishermen" Experience, Hiking Trails, Cyamudongo Chimps Experience, Canopy Walkway, Nkombo Island and Gihaya Island visit, and more!

Suppose you book at least 2 nights from the 23rd December 2020 to the 3rd of January 2021 the hotel has a Christmas Promo of 30% off on all its regular prices for individuals, 35% and 40% for a group of five (5) and ten (10) people respectively. No wonder it’s one of the partners in “A Traveler’s Story” contest. They are also offering a two-night stay full board for the winners, they genuinely care about Rwanda tourism and the travellers!

So, welcome to Emeraude Kivu Resort! A perfect venue for a comfortable stay, nature experiences, business meetings, training workshops and really amazing views of Rwanda.