Two Kigali City markets closed over COVID-19

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 17 August 2020 at 12:29

City of Kigali has announced that Mutangana and Nyarugenge City markets with its immediate sorroundings will effective Monday, August 17, close for seven days to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The decision to close the two markerts is informed by the increased number of new Coronavirus cases in Kigali.

In just three days, 219 people mostly from the Nyarugenge and Mutangana market plus a few from the country’s ministries tested Covid-19 positive.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ngamije Daniel, said the analysis showed that there was a problem in following Coronavirus prevention guidelines, where in some markets people don’t wear masks, others wear it badly and also do not wash their hands properly.

He said that since last month, it has become clear that there is a problem in the markets with clerks who help traders and customers not being strict with enforcing the guidelines.

Dr. Ngamije said there is no need for the disease to first kill many people for others to see it as a serious danger.

A statement signed by Rubingisa Pudence, Mayor of Kigali City, informs the market vendors and customers that ’from August 17 to August 24, 2020, Mutangana Market, the Kigali City Market Building and shops on its outskirts will be locked. ’

Nyarugenge District in collaboration with the leaders of Mutangana Market has informed its vendors and customers of the alternative food market places where they can do their shooping.

The City of Kigali has assured those who operate in this market, especially those who sell perishables thatwill be given time to remove their stock and relocate to another market. It is an action that will be taken following Coronavirus prevention guidelines.

Nyarugenge City markets with its immediate sorroundings will be closed for seven days to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.