UAE ambassador to Rwanda shares with ESSI students about opportunities awaiting them

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 13 November 2020 at 09:55

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Rwanda, Hazza Alqahtani, has called on students at ESSI Nyamirambo High School, to strive to excel, for this will give them many opportunities including admission for continuing their studies in the UAE.

Speaking at the opening of 11 November 2020, when he visited the center of the Islamic Cultural Center home to the ESSI Nyamirambo, where he met with students studying in the fifth and sixth in the different branch, ambassador Alqahtani encouraged the students to work hard as there are many opportunities awaiting them, including being awarded scholarships to study at various universities in the UAE.

"The UAE government provides scholarships to Rwandan students to study at some of its local universities, such as the UAE University and the Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi, and this opportunity is given to promising students in secondary schools," he said.

He also emphasized that his country has invested heavily in education and made it easier for its people to access affordable education services.

"The UAE believes that education is the right of every citizen, as evidenced by its founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who said that the most important thing to create wealth is to invest in a knowledgeable people," he said.

He said that the UAE government has for years been implementing education programs for all in order to ensure that there are no more uneducated people.

The United Arab Emirates, he said, is focusing on improving science, technology and innovation in the curriculum, with the aim of becoming world leader in science and innovation.

The Director General of the Islamic Cultural Center, Abdellatif Oulad Aouid, in his remarks thanked Ambassador Hazza Alqahtani, saying that their center is ready to benefit from the experience of UAE education.

"The Islamic Cultural Center in Kigali is ready to benefit from the UAE’s experience in education and practical skills, and we hope that your visit here is a sign of a better future," he said.

He added that the UAE-Libya-based education center, made education its primary goal at its inception in 1979; now it is one of the most well-established schools.

Some of the students of ESSI Nyamirambo who participated in the discussion expressed their desire to get more help in their studies so that they could be at a better level and also compete on the international stage.

Some of those present at the event told IGIHE that the message given to them by the UAE Ambassador left them inspired to grab the opportunities.

Uwineza Raissa, a sixth-year student in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, MCB, said: “they told us there are many opportunities for Rwandan students to go study in the UAE. I was encouraged to study even harder so as to be among those lucky ones.”