Uganda deports 13 more Rwandans

On 11 August 2021 at 12:18

Uganda has deported 13 Rwandans after spending days in the country’s detention facilities illegally. The Rwandans including five men, seven women and a kid were dumped at Kagitumba border in Nyagatare district on Tuesday 10th August around 3p.m.

Upon arrival in Rwanda, they were welcomed by Nyagatare district officials.

All the deportees have been quarantined except one who tested positive for COVID-19 and taken for medical attention.

The mayor of Nyagatare district, Claudian David Mushabe has told IGIHE that deportees received emergency assistance upon arrival.

“They have undergone mistreatment and later dumped at the border but we cannot send them to their families without conducting COVID-19 tests. We checked on and put them under quarantine before joining their families. We have welcomed them to join hands with others to build the nation,” he said.

Deported Rwandans had traveled to Uganda to run businesses or visit relatives among other reasons but arrested by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) accused of being spies.

Uganda has deported over 50 Rwandans under similar circumstances since the beginning of this year.

Rwanda, Uganda relations worsened since 2017. Rwanda has been expressing concerns over Rwandans who travel to Uganda for business purposes but abducted, imprisoned and tortured accused of being spies.

Rwanda also accuses Uganda of hosting dissidents posing threat to national security.

In March 2019, the Government of Rwanda officially advised citizens not to travel to Uganda for their security following testimonies of over 1000 Rwandans tortured and deported from Uganda.

In August 2019, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame signed memorandum of understanding ‘Luanda Agreement’ in a bid to solve conflicts between both countries.

Despite efforts to sign the agreement between both heads of state witnessed by mediators including the President of Angola, Joao Lourenço and Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the situation is still worsening as Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence continues with arbitrary detention of Rwandans who are subjected to torture in its facilities.

All the deportees have been quarantined except one who tested positive for COVID-19 and taken for medical attention.