Uganda deports five Rwandans arbitrarily arrested

On 13 March 2021 at 10:07

Uganda has deported five more Rwandans after spending days enduring torture in detention facilities accused of being spies. These Rwandans arrived yesterday through Kagitumba One Stop Border in Nyagatare.

These include a 17-year old young lady called Ishimwe Celine, a daughter of Bicamumpaka Esiri and Mukandahiro Aurélie living in Wakiso in Uganda.

The lady was arrested at home along with her brother, Ishimwe Eliel aged 19.

Security officers from Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence went to their home and arrested children after missing parents.

These children went to Uganda in 2015 with their mother through Gatuna border.

They were arrested on 10th December last year and taken into Police custody in Bukasa where they spent a week and taken to court on accusation of illegally staying in Uganda.

Ishimwe Eliel said that they have travel pass but his explanations were not considered and retained in prison.

On 25th January 2021, they were transferred to the detention facility of the Ministry of Internal Security until their deportation yesterday separated with parents. The two children have a grandfather in Nyanza district where they plan to stay.

Other deportees include Murindangabo Bernatus , the husband of Nisingizwe Michelle with whom they sired two children.

He is a son of Rutaza Révérien and Mukantagara Athanasie living in Bugesera district. He arrived in Uganda from Brisbane town, Queensland State in Australia.

Murindangabo went to Uganda on 13th February last year through Kigali International Airport onboard RwandAir. He had tour operator company guiding tourists in Uganda.

Murindangabo was arrested by CMI on 4th February 2021 and detained in Kansanga where he runs businesses. He was taken to CMI facilities and later at Makindye military camp accused of being a spy.

Another businessman, Mugisha Gahungu Shadrack, 29, hailing from Nyamasheke district went to Kenya in 2010 through Gatuna border.

He left Kenya for Uganda in 2015 and later arrested on 4th February 2021 in Kansanga at a bar known as Pyramid.

He was taken to CMI headquarters in Mbuya and later taken to military camp in Makindye accused of being a spy.

Mugisha has left his family in Uganda.

Rebero Napoléon is another deportee aged 47. He arrived in Uganda in 2000 through Gatuna border.

He was arrested on 10th February 2021 in Kampala where he was running businesses. He was also detained at CMI facilities in Mbuya accused of espionage.

Gahungu was also deported yesterday. After completing university studies in Rwanda, he went to Kenya in 2013 for clothes trading business. After spending two years, he went to Uganda where he established a restaurant. Gahungu later met with another Rwandan in 2017 and established a bar known as ‘Atmosphere Lounge’.

In 2018, his bar became famous that he started working with Rwandan DJs.

As Coronavirus emerged, he moved to Kansanga and worked with another bar dubbed Pyramid. He was arrested on 4th February accused of espionage.

“I am not the only Rwandan arrested. They were held at different times for the past three years for similar accusations. People are sometimes abducted in night hours with their faces covered. I was also tortured like other Rwandans illegally detained,” he said.

Gahungu returned to Rwanda bare hands leaving or his properties.

Since 2017, Rwandans have been abducted by Uganda’s CMI accusing them of being Rwanda’s spies.

Abduction of Rwandans living or traveling through Uganda is linked to CMI’s close collaboration with Rwanda National Congress (RNC), a rebel group against the Government of Rwanda led by Kayumba Nyamwasa with intentions to destabilize Rwanda’s security.

Through the cooperation, Rwandans on Uganda’s land denying cooperation with the rebel group are arrested; tortured in CMI prisons while others are taken in Minembwe of DRC to be tortured.

Uganda has been arresting Rwandans since 2017 in different operations. The Government of Rwanda has since 2017 been condemning such arbitrary detentions and advised Rwandans not to travel to Uganda in March 2019.

Later on, Angola launched discussions to mend Rwanda, Uganda relations which led to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Angola, Luanda known as Luanda Agreement in 2019.

The memorandum was signed on August 21st 2019 in a bid to solve conflicts between Rwanda and Uganda.

Despite efforts to sign the agreement between both heads of state. CMI continues arbitrary detention of Rwandans who endure torture in its facilities.

Five Rwandans arrived yesterday through Kagibtumba One Stop Border.