Uganda deports six Rwandans that were arbitrarily arrested

On 4 February 2021 at 11:18

Six Rwandans including a woman crippled by torture and another detained with her baby have been deported to Rwanda through Kagitumba border in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province.

These Rwandans deported yesterday have advised Rwandans to avoid crossing to the country lest they put their lives at risk.

Upon arrival at Kagitumba border, they were tested for Covid-19 and received first aid as some of them were seriously tortured. These include Ngoga Nzamukosha Nyamwasa a woman who could not stand because of beatings from Uganda prison officers.

Nzamukosha hails from Gisenyi sector, Rubavu district. She was carried to the border on shoulders by Uganda’s immigration and emigration officials leaning on their shoulders as she could not support herself.

The woman in critical condition could not speak to the media but it is reported that he was from a hospital where he was admitted after getting beaten severely.

Four hours after Nzamukosha was laid down at the border’s grounds, Rwanda’s immigration officials brought her a wheelchair that she used for movements.
Two deportees who spoke to the media revealed that they were accused of being Rwanda’s spies and tortured in Uganda’s prisons.

Ndagijimana Augustin from Burera district in the neighborhood of Uganda explained that he was arrested as he crossed to Uganda for farming activities.

“Upon arrival in Uganda, I was arrested and taken to Kisoro. We were put in a car along with four people and taken to Mbarara where we spent few days before detaining us in Kampala. We were in unknown detentions but we used to hear that they are CMI (Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) facilities,” he noted.

Ndagijimana further said that he had spent six months in prison enduring torture and was taken to court.

“We were seriously beaten until our fingernails loosened. I was taken to Mbarara prison where I was beaten on the head leaving serious injuries but I was later treated,” he said.

Ndagijimana advised Rwandans not to cross to Uganda lest they face similar tragedies.

Uwayisaba Angelique hailing from Mutovu cell, Bugeshi sector, Rubavu district revealed that he had gone to Uganda visiting her sister in law who gave birth.

As she returned to Rwanda, Uwayisaba was arrested at the border by Uganda’s military and took her in Kasoro where she spent a night. Uwayisaba was taken to Mbarara the next morning along with other Rwandans where they were interrogated on espionage accusations.

Uwayisaba explains they were taken to Kampala a few days later and dispatched to different prisons until she was deported to Rwanda yesterday.

Uwayisaba narrated that she left many more Rwandans in prison with whom he didn’t get chance to interact.

Uganda has been arbitrarily arresting and torturing Rwandans since 2017 accusing them of being Rwanda’s spies.

Uganda’s CMI is said to be behind the arrests of Rwandans who cross to Uganda for various businesses.

Uganda is accused of granting refuge to members of rebel groups intending to threaten Rwanda’s security including RNC of Kayumba Nyamwasa.