Ugandan Policemen detained for stealing from Rwandan national

By Esther Muhozi
On 4 March 2024 at 12:57

The Ugandan Police has announced that it has arrested two of its own officers operating at the Katuna border between Uganda and Rwanda for allegedly stealing 85,000 Rwandan Francs from a Rwandan national.

The spokesperson for the Ugandan Police in the Kigezi region of southwestern Uganda, Elly Maate, on March 3, 2023, announced that the apprehended officers include Gracious Tusiime, aged 25, and his accomplice Zechariah Ekiyankundire, aged 26.

The spokesperson revealed that on March 1, 2024, a 38-year-old Rwandan national, who had come to Uganda for business at the Katuna border, was targeted.

At that time, it is alleged that the officers demanded a bribe from the Rwandan national.

Maate said, "It is alleged that these two police officers stole 85000 Rwandan Francs from the Rwandan national and used force to compel him to use a different route from the officially designated one for crossing back to Rwanda."

Maate continued to explain that the Rwandan national initially resisted the demands of the officers but later succumbed to giving money to one of the employees of the Department of Immigration and Emigration on the Ugandan side of the Katuna border.

The employee in question has also been interrogated by his colleague in the Police Traffic and Road Safety Unit at Katuna to ensure further investigation.

The head of the Katuna Police Unit has urged these officers to explain their actions, however, they deny any wrongdoing. He has also informed the Kabale Police of the incident for further investigation and possible prosecution.

The Nation reports that the Chief of Police in Kabale, Joseph Bakaleke, together with his colleague in charge of criminal investigations in this region, Hakim Mukama, have been suspended pending an investigation into this case, gathering evidence from eyewitnesses.

Maate also mentioned that until today, these police officers involved in corruption are not yet released while the investigation continues.

The Uganda Police Report shows crimes committed in 2023, indicating that Ugandans have lost billions of Ugandan Shillings and other valuable assets worth billions 1800.

The spokesperson for the Ugandan Police in the Kigezi region of southwestern Uganda, Elly Maate.