UN decorates Rwandan Police peacekeepers in South Sudan for service excellence

On 28 September 2023 at 07:55

The United Nations, on Wednesday, September 27, decorated 174 Rwandan Police peacekeepers serving in its mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), with the ’UN Service Medal’ in recognition of their dedication and sacrifice to ensure peace and security in South Sudan.

The officers decorated include 160 of female-dominated Rwanda Formed Police Unit Three rotation five (RWAFPU3-5) operating in the capital Juba; 13 Individual Police Officers (IPOs) and UNMISS Police Chief of Operations, Commissioner of Police (CP) Felly Bahizi Rutagerura.

The Medal pinning ceremony was held at the RWAFPU3-5 base camp in Juba and presided over by UNMISS Police Commissioner, Madam Christine Fossen.

It was also attended by peacekeepers from other contributing countries as well as senior officers from South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS).

The RWAFPU3-5 is responsible for the protection of high profile UN officials, internally displaced persons, key installations and infrastructures. Other duties include public order management, patrols and escorts among others.

The IPOs serving as Police Advisors in community policing, operations, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, among others.

Madam Fossen expressed gratitude to Government of Rwanda for its commitment and effort in sustainable peace and security as one of the most Police Contributing Country (PCC).

She said: "I am glad to highlight that, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) affirms peace and security efforts which are more sustainable when women are equal partners in prevention of violent conflict, delivery of relief and recovery efforts and in forging of the lasting peace.

That is why it is commendable and a great achievement for Rwanda Formed Police Unit 3-5 having 52% of female representation."

Fossen lauded them for preserving the legacy left behind by their predecessors.

"You played crucial roles in the implementation of key objectives of the UNMISS mandate through different activities under the demanding nature of peacekeeping mission that often requires working in challenging environments and facing difficult situations," she said.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Speciose Dusabe, the contingent commander for RWAFPU3-5, said that serving under UNMISS has been a vital experience that will continue to prevail even back home.

She thanked the decorated Police officers under her command, for the hard work, determination, discipline and commitment which guided them to act professionally.

SSP Dusabe also commended the UNMISS leadership, UNMISS staff and people of South Sudan for their support, encouragement and cooperation, which facilitated them to achieve mandated tasks since their deployment in November last year.

"We recognize the strong cooperation support extended to RWAFPU3-5 by all stakeholders, which made our day-to-day duties a success," SSP Dusabe noted.