Unique features of T5 EVO Hybrid 2023 cars that led 18th edition of Kigali International Peace Marathon

On 13 June 2023 at 10:20

Cars from Carcarbaba dealer, have led the Kigali International Peace Marathon 2023 for the second time. This year, the company used the T5 EVO Hybrid 2023 cars to guide athletes.

During the 18th edition of the Kigali International Marathon; Carcarbaba, as a sponsor, utilized its T5 EVO Hybrid 2023 cars to lead the athletes on Sunday.

Last year in 2022, the company also employed the T5 EVO car to lead the race. Both the 2022 and 2023 models are manufactured by Dongfeng LIUZHOU Motor Corporation Ltd, a prominent Chinese state-owned enterprise.

John Mugabo, the Managing Director of Carcarbaba Ltd (Choice Africa Investment), a local car dealer specializing in Dongfeng Motor Ltd vehicles, emphasized the affordability and advanced technology of these hybrid cars.

"These cars are the finest automobiles manufactured by the Dongfeng factory in China. They are environmentally friendly, combining electric and fuel power through hybrid technology. Equipped with cutting-edge features, they provide an exceptional driving experience," stated Mugabo.

"We are selling brand new 2023 cars at a reasonable price. I invite everyone to visit us and witness the magnificence of these cars firsthand, as their quality is truly indescribable. Furthermore, we have a modern garage managed by a technician from the factory to ensure proper maintenance of the vehicles," added Mugabo.

Carcarbaba initiated car imports from Dongfeng Motor Ltd at the end of 2021, considering the affordability and suitability of the vehicles for the Rwandan market.

Mugabo emphasized the ease of owning a new car through their offerings. "Our prices are reasonable, and we provide installment payment options. We maintain ample stock so that customers can choose their desired color and type," he explained. "When you purchase a car, you receive a three-year warranty, five years on the battery, a full year of free maintenance, and comprehensive insurance coverage," Mugabo further added.

Unique aspects of Carcarbaba cars

While there are various car options available in the Rwandan market, Carcarbaba cars stand out due to their power and affordability, according to Mugabo.

"While other dealers may have cars that resemble ours, Carcarbaba distinguishes itself through its affordability and quality. Our prices are nearly half of what other dealers charge," he highlighted.

He encouraged potential buyers to visit their showroom to test drive the cars and make informed decisions.


John Mugabo, the Managing Director of Carcarbaba, reported high levels of customer satisfaction with the T5 EVO Hybrid 2023 cars.

"Our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the features of these cars. Chinese brands are becoming increasingly competitive, and we wanted to introduce these car brands to enhance our customers’ experience," he remarked. "We have received a significant number of buyers, and our cars don’t stay in the store for long. The buyers are genuinely grateful," Mugabo added.


Carcarbaba provides comprehensive support for its customers. They have their own garage staffed with competent technicians who collaborate with an engineer from Dongfeng to address any technical issues.

The garage is located along ’Poids Lourds’ road, near Sawa Citi, and the route to Kanogo. The facility operates seven days a week and can be identified by its yellow paint. Individuals seeking assistance or guidance can contact 6688 or 0788708280.

The T5 Evo Hybrid produced in 2023, represents a new generation of five-seater SUVs. It boasts several advanced features and an impressive fuel tank capacity of 55 liters when filled to its maximum.

The initial price of the T5 Evo Hybrid is set at US$540,000. However, there is currently a promotion in effect, offering customers a discount of US$5,000. As a result of this promotional offer, the price of the T5 Evo Hybrid is reduced to US$535,000.

Mugabo said that Carcarbaba distinguishes itself through affordability and quality.
Carcarbaba Ltd sponsored the Kigali International Peace Marathon held on 11th June 2023.