University of World Mission Frontiers to open doors to Rwanda

On 14 July 2022 at 08:53

The management of the University of World Mission Frontiers (UWMF) has revealed that the university might open doors to Rwanda in the near future where the process of obtaining license has reached an advance stage.

The university belongs to World Mission Frontiers, a faith-based non-governmental organization which has been operating in Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

It was launched by Dr. Paul Kim, a South Korean who wanted to solve some of problems facing the society at the time.

He initially established an orphanage in Gikondo of Kigali City and later founded schools. So far, it runs a primary and secondary vocational training school dubbed ‘World Mission TVET School’ which is ranked among the top 10 TVT schools in Rwanda.

The school’s outstanding performance has pushed parents to request World Mission Frontiers to establish a university to facilitate over 300 children at its schools to attend higher education.

The idea was welcomed that the management started negotiations with the Higher Education Council (HEC) to assess the project’s feasibility.

The Vice Chancellor of the university set to open; Dr. Fidele Nizeyimana has disclosed that they initially carried out research to identify courses needed at the labour market in Rwanda.

“We conducted research aimed at identifying needed courses suitable for Rwanda’s labour market to be integrated into our curriculum. We decided to draw emphasis on four disciplines including Theology, Commerce and Business, Education as well as Science and Technology,” he said.

Dr. Nizeyimana revealed that they want to start with 15 courses where students will graduate with a bachelor degree while those enrolled in Theology can continue studies up to Master’s.

All the courses, Dr. Nizeyimana said, will be designed to address problems facing the labour market and increase the number of qualified teachers.

During a consultative meeting to reflect on the progress of preparations, stakeholders from the education sector and employers requested the management to prove how it will sustain its activities once it gets a go-ahead.

The Board Director at the University of World Mission Frontiers, Doreen Kagire said that the organization has means to finance its activities without relying on students’ tuition fees.

She revealed that it has different income generating activities including a business building under construction, conference halls and playgrounds to let.

Kagire underscored that infrastructures including classrooms have been completed as more plots of land are available for extension, if need be.

Lecturers have been also recruited while other didactic materials and library are available for use.

Selected lecturers are from different countries including the United States of America (USA) and South Korea.

World Mission Frontiers has operations in the districts of Kayonza, Nyamasheke and Kigali City.

Globally, the organization has branches in countries including Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. Its higher learning institutions are based in USA and South Korea.

Members of the university's management exchanged ideas during the meeting.
The university's staff also attended the meeting.
The Board Director at the University of World Mission Frontiers, Doreen Kagire speaking at the event.
The Vice Chancellor of the university set to open ; Dr. Fidele Nizeyimanahas said that preparations are in final phases.
Participants of the event following presentations on the anticipated contribution of University of World Mission Frontiers in Rwanda.