UNMISS Police Chief urges Rwandan peacekeepers to maintain high performance spirit

On 2 January 2021 at 08:06

The acting Police Commissioner of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) expressed his confidence in Rwandan Police peacekeepers and urged them to keep high performance spirit.

Brig. Gen. Mutasem Aljadid Almajali, who is also the UNMISS Deputy Police Commissioner, made the remarks recently, while meeting and interacting with officers under Rwanda Formed Police Unit Two (RWAFPU-2) deployed in the capital Juba.

He said that his interaction with different Rwandan contingents that previously served in UNMISS, has given him confidence on their commitment and selfless service.

He urged the contingent members to strive to work collectively, focus on the mission mandate and tasks expected of Formed Police Unit officers.

“In my interactions with Rwandan officers, I know you as disciplined, committed and focused officers… you don’t talk too much but work too much,” remarked the Deputy Police Commissioner.

He hailed their posture and morale and likened the situation to good contingent leadership at the unit level.

Earlier on, the Brig. Gen. had a closed meeting with RWANFPU-2 commanders. During the meeting, the Contingent Commander briefed him on the contingent readiness, performed mandated duties as well as operation challenges faced by the unit.

The acting Police commissioner challenged them to identify tasks and think about how their operations and performance would be affected during this COVID-19 period.

He strongly emphasized the tight measures to prevent catching or spreading the pandemic and asked the contingent commander to implement all mission directives towards curbing the virus.

Brig. Gen. Mutasem briefed the officers about the changing mission dynamics and the evolving political situation in the country.

The new mission dynamics include the redesignation and reconfiguration of the protection of civilian sites (PoC), which have since been turned into Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps.

Last October, an operation coordination agreement was signed between UNMISS and South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS), empowering the local police service to assume primary responsibility for the protection of all citizens.

The agreement signed between UNMISS Police Commissioner, Unaisi Lutu Vuniwaqa and General Majak Akec, Inspector General of SSNPS, provides an overarching framework delineating the roles and responsibilities of UNPOL and SSNPS in terms of policing activities within and around these camps.

These activities include responding to sexual and gender-based violence and other criminal acts.

This will ensure a combined effort to protect displaced civilians through coordinated security patrols and information-sharing.