UNMISS Women Network pays tribute to fallen Rwandan colleague

On 12 June 2020 at 08:35

The UN-Police Women Network under the peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), held a memorial function in honour of Police Constable (PC) Enid Mbabazi.

Late Mbabazi, who was a member of Rwanda Formed Police Unit-One (FPU-1) hybrid of 240 Police officers deployed in Malakal, succumbed to COVID-19 on June 2, at the King Faisal Hospital after she was evacuated back home for further treatment.

The virtual memorial function was held across all UNMISS field offices where fellow UN Police peacekeepers eulogized Mbabazi’s amiable character; how she touched hearts of all she met or worked with, and condoled with her country and family.

Orowo Regina Omuyeh from Nigeria, the chairlady of UNMISS-UNPOL Women network said that as they mourn for Mbabazi, they should also exhibit the spirit of teamwork to support fellow UNPOL women to overcome unique challenges female officer encounter everyday to give peace to fellow women in South Sudan.

“We should work and support each other as women on the frontline because we face exceptional challenges as women, as mothers who left behind our families… our children behind to bring people to fellow women in South Sudan,” Orowo said.

Eileen Jane Pickering from Fiji, the FPU Gender Focal Person Coordinator in UNMISS, said: “To the people of Rwanda, Rwanda Police and Enid’s young family, our thoughts and prayers are all with you.”

Pickering, who spoke in grief, said that PC Mbabazi left an irreplaceable impact to the women of South Sudan and fellow female officers.”

UNMISS Police Commissioner, Unamisi Vuniwaqa, stated that Mbabazi was a dedicated officer from the Rwanda Contingent who served well during her tour of duty.

Madam Vuniwaqa explained to fellow police officers who were in somber mood, the daily risks encountered by peacekeepers worldwide.

“I urge you all to remain strong, resilient and united as we serve the people of South Sudan. Take care of each other as sisters in the UN family. In moments like this, we come together as one to show the families and the world how much we care for each other as female officers in uniform,” Madam Vuniwaqa said.

Quoting from a Bible verse Matthew 5:9, Vuniwaqa said: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

As we pay tribute to her life, we must look at the bigger picture that we as UNPOL carry the symbol of peace for the community that needs it most.”

She urged them to look at this as a challenge to stay focus, encourage and tap one another.

“This is not about men and women; this is about how we should persevere, how we move-on and harness our energy as we continue to move forward in this highest standing and selfless calling,” Madam Vuniwaqa emphasized.

The UN-Police Women Network under the peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), held a memorial function in honour of Police Constable (PC) Enid Mbabazi.