UoK students score highest marks in Certified Public Accountants exams in Rwanda

On 17 January 2024 at 07:56

University of Kigali (UoK) has once again taken the lead in enhancing professional capacity-building in Rwanda by producing the top performers nationally per subject/paper in the November/December 2023 Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exams.

Out of the 16 CPA papers registered, UoK produced 11 top performers nationally per paper. UoK also registered pass rates which were above the national pass rates for CPA.

The University of Kigali’s Board of Promoters, management and staff have taken this opportunity to recognize and appreciate the 11 students in CPA who emerged the best nationally and all the UoK CPA students for achieving results above the national pass rates.

The exemplary performance by UoK students in the just released results is a testimony to the quality tuition that is provided at the University. The success is attributed to the adequate, competent and high-quality teaching staff with international experience who deliver professional courses.

The University also provides study notes and past examination question banks to all students registered for professional courses. Additionally, UoK offers discount on tuition fees to all internal undergraduate and graduate students pursuing professional programmes.

As a result of the standards implemented, UoK has consistently delivered pass rates which are above the national pass rates in exams over the last 10 examination sittings. This high pass rates are a major contributor to the increase in the enrollment of students pursuing professional programmes.

The continuous choice of UoK every examination sitting by both private and Government sponsored staff is an evidence of the vital role UoK plays in enhancement of professional capacity-building in Rwanda and the entire East African Region.

The University in partnership with the Government of Rwanda has also been offering Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) training to all Government Accountants and Internal Auditors. From August 2016 to date, the programme has attracted over 3,000 Government Staff. Apart from the certification, it is proven that all the staff who have gone through the tuition process have had a significant increase in productivity and the country has benefited tremendously.

UoK is committed to enhancing training, professionalism and capacity-building across all Public Financial Management (PFM) disciplines. The University is fostering valuable partnerships with relevant stakeholders to continuously ensure that this huge deficit is filled.

The university encourages all and sundry to register for professional education at University of Kigali. Registration for the May ICPAR exams is in progress. Classes will start on 9th February, 2024.

Interested individuals can call: +250 781 833 731 for professional programmes admissions

Registration for undergraduate and graduate programmes is also ongoing. Individuals are urged to apply online via: mis.uok.ac.rw/apply or Call: +250 788 303 386/ +250 789 009 221/ /+ 250 788 669 642.

Some of UoK students who scored the highest marks in Certified Public Accountants exams in Rwanda.
UoK students have scored highest marks in Certified Public Accountants exams in Rwanda.