Vehicle intercepted with over 2000 liters of illicit brew

On 29 June 2020 at 05:13

A vehicle transporting 2,125 liters of illicit brew was impounded by the Police in Nyabihu District, on Saturday June 27.

The vehicle registration number RAB 019P, Daihatsu type was being
driven by Léonard Ntezikizaza when it was intercepted in Rugera
Sector, Gakoro Cell in Nyakigezi Village.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Bonaventure Twizere Karekezi, the
Police spokesperson for the Western region, said the substances were
distilled from Mugunga Sector in Gakenke District. They were at the
time being trafficked to Musanze District.

CIP Karekezi said: "Police received information earlier that day about
people, who would be transporting illicit drinks from Gakenke to Musanze District through Rugera Sector in Nyabihu.

An operation was planned and the vehicle intercepted later that day at about 6pm."

The traffickers had used remote roads in an attempt to beat security.

"Drug traffickers or dealers in psychotropic substances use mainly remote road to avoid being detected or arrested.

This time, from Gakenke, they had used remote roads through Rugera in Nyabihu District to Kinkware, Nyakinama on the way to Musanze. We get to know all these routes and people involved because of the good partnership with the public, who share with us credible information."

All drinks with alcoholic content above 45 percent or with unknown alcoholic content are considered as “psychotropic substance.”

Article 263 of Rwanda penal code stipulates that any person who, unlawfully, produces, transforms, transports, stores, gives to another or who sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances commits an offense, with a sentence upon conviction, ranging between seven years and life in prison, and a fine of between Rwf20 million and Rwf30 million.