Vocational graduates at Root Foundation urged to make good use of acquired skills

On 24 April 2021 at 11:00

The first cohort comprised of 46 students enrolled in arts, dance, photography and video production courses at Root Foundation have received certificates after three-month training to hone their talents in partnership with MasterCard Foundation.

These graduates who received certificates on Thursday range from the age brackets of 16 and 24.

31% of them are male while 69% are female.

The program aimed at promoting youth’s talent was initiated to help those who did not get chance to complete secondary school, the youth who dropped out of schools among others with dormant talents.

The Executive Director of Root Foundation, Muragwa Bienvenue has explained that the organization draws emphasis on photography, video production and editing, professional dance and music production.

“We offered courses in four categories, acquainted them with efficient skills to fine tune their works and good morals that should characterize artistes,” he said.

Muragwa revealed that they target to extend the program to 400 beneficiaries in different cohorts for the period of two years.

Kobusingye Pierrine, one of graduates in photography has said that acquired skills will be utilized efficiently.

“Before the training, I had a camera but had no skills to take good photos. I was like someone with shoes that do fit them. The training has significantly improved my skills as I have been capacitated to take good photos, footages and edit them,” revealed Kobusingye.

“I usually play ‘solo’. I have learnt a lot from the training most importantly team work spirit because it makes more sense and appeals to spectaculars when you are part of a particular band,” explained Dushimimana Chris, another graduate.

Elie Mandela, Program Analyst at Mastercard Foundation in charge of Youth has commended Root Foundation for organizing the courses and requested graduates to continue updating their skills and apply them appropriately.

“The skills you have acquired should be the beginning and foundation for new life and take advantage of them to make more practices and train colleagues,” he enthused.

David Musirikare, Gasabo District National Youth Council co-coordinator has urged graduates to be characterized by good conducts and stay focused to use their skills to the maximum for a bright future. The second cohort is expected to start courses in May 2021.

These graduates who received certificates on Thursday range from the age brackets of 16 and 24.