Volcano National Park neighbouring residents connected to safe water

On 29 March 2021 at 11:51

Residents in the neighborhood on Volcano National Park from Burera, Musanze, Nyabihu and Rubavu districts have started receiving water through the project dubbed Virunga Belt also expected to build roads along perimeters of the park in a bid to facilitate mobility in these areas renowned for mass potatoes production.

Rubavu district officials have revealed this at the completion of Water for Virunga, a project that used to provide water reservoirs to prevent erosion and residents from encroaching the forest to fetch water.

The project built water points to provision safe water.

The coordinator of Water For Virunga in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Gertjan Leereveld revealed that 222 water reservoirs were built for residents.

“In Rubavu district, we implemented the project in Bugeshi sector where we provided 222 water reservoirs that helped residents to catch rain water that used to cause erosions and ravage crops belonging to Kibumba residents in DRC. We have set up three water committees comprised of 21 residents that will follow up the maintenance of water points. We shall stay closer for them to carry out their tasks diligently,” he said.

Uzaribara Théoneste, one of public water points administrators assured residents’ collaboration in proper management of these infrastructures.

“We have come together in a group whereby everyone contributed some money helping us to make savings to ensure sustainability of these infrastructures or buy more reservoirs after the project ends,” he said.

Rubavu district vice mayor for economic affairs, Nzabonimpa Déogratias explained that the problem of water shortage will become history in the neighborhood of the park.

“It is our responsibility as a district to preserve achievements in the provision and catchment of water. We assure residents that the problem of water shortage with interventions of Virunga Belt project which is set to build the road promised by President of the Republic from Burera to pass through Musanza, Nyabihu to this area. The road will come along water supply systems distributing safe water from treatment plants,” he noted.

Bugeshi is among sectors bordering with Virunga National Park from where residents used to fetch water from fountains putting their lives at risks as they encounter wild animals including buffalos.

Residents expressed delight for water provision to their homes.
Water for Virunga built different water points in Virunga National Park neighborhood.
The neighborhood on Volcano National Park is renowned for mass potatoes production.