VUP beneficiaries in Nyamasheke buy small livestock worth Rwf 30 million from savings

On 2 March 2021 at 10:35

A total of 1061 Nyamasheke residents doing road maintenance work under the Vision Umurenge Programme (VUP) have through the support of local leaders saved Rwf 30 million that have been used to buy livestock expected to help them graduate from poverty.

These VUP beneficiaries are from Bushekeri sector of Nyamasheke district, Western Province employed in road maintenance works. From their wages, each of them has saved Rwf 30,000 for a period of one year and bought preferred small livestock.

Bought livestock include pigs, goats, sheep and chicken. Beneficiaries have revealed that these livestock will usher them into economic growth and uplift them from the current social classification category of vulnerable residents to become self-reliant people.

“We are optimistic that these livestock will enhance our economic growth. We shall utilize well compost and sell offspring to generate income. It will particularly help me to graduate from the current social class category,’ said Twagiramungu Naasson, one of beneficiaries.

Uzayisenga Jeannette expressed confidence that her livestock will help her afford school fees and graduate from poverty.

Indemarugamba Felix said that the small livestock will be reared properly and continue embracing saving culture until he buys cattle.

“We earn little payments but we understand the relevance of being far sighted to prosper. That is why VUP beneficiaries should not be stuck in the first Ubudehe category but rather should work hard to graduate from poverty. I will take care of the livestock to produce compost and continue embracing saving culture to buy a cow,” he noted.

Yvan Munezero, the executive secretary of Bushekeri sector has explained that farmers were advised to get insured under the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme for to avoid losses.

“It will help beneficiaries to cater for basic needs without reliance on Government’s support. Insuring their livestock will help them to get compensations in case of losses. We agreed with them not to sale livestock but rather grow them to produce offspring and generate income,” he said.

The program was launched for the first time in Macuba sector towards the end of 2020.

As he visited Nyamasheke residents recently, the Minister of Local Government , Prof. Shyaka Anastase extolled residents for initiating the program and urged other sectors and districts to emulate it.

From their wages, each of VUP beneficiaries in Bushekeri sector saved Rwf 30,000 for a period of one year and bought small livestock of choice.