Waitrose introduces premium Rwandan coffee from Kibirizi factory

On 16 October 2023 at 10:30

Waitrose, a brand of British supermarkets, has recently unveiled a new addition to its product lineup – coffee sourced from Rwanda, meticulously processed by the Kibirizi factory nestled in the heart of the Nyamagabe District of Rwanda. This exceptional Rwandan coffee will now grace the shelves of more than 300 Waitrose stores across the United Kingdom.

Rwanda, renowned for its top-tier coffee, has already carved its place in the global market. Since 2017, Rwandan coffee has consistently outshone coffee produced by other countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia. In the 2021/2022 fiscal year, Rwanda exported an impressive 15 million kilograms of coffee, resulting in revenues that surpassed $75 million.

Kibirizi coffee enjoys a distinctive reputation in international markets, thanks to the unwavering dedication and rigorous training imparted to the coffee growers responsible for its cultivation.

These farmers receive comprehensive training to fine-tune their farming practices, ensuring a flavor profile that is second to none.

Johnson Busingye, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, expressed his pride in this remarkable achievement, sharing on X account, formerly Twitter "Starting from October 15, 2023, Kibirizi Coffee Factory’s coffee is available in all Waitrose stores, one of the largest and most respected retailers in the UK."

Behind this story of success lies the dedication of 1,130 committed farmers, each tending to coffee plantations covering less than one hectare of land, supplying the Kibirizi factory.

Paul Turton, the CEO of Pact Coffee, highlights the outstanding nature of Kibirizi coffee, emphasizing that it goes beyond being just a charitable initiative. He underscores that these small-scale coffee farms produce exceptional quality and flavor that distinctly distinguishes it in the English market.

Turton also goes on to explain that the fair pricing of this coffee will directly lead to an enhancement in the living standards of Rwandan farmers. He expresses his enthusiasm for the approach adopted by Waitrose, recognizing coffee as a powerful tool for economic transformation in Rwanda.

For British consumers, the flagship varieties, Bourbon Cream Espresso and Fruit & Nut Espresso, will be available in 200-gram packages, priced at £6.95, equivalent to over 10,000 Rwandan francs.

Waitrose, a brand of British supermarkets, has added coffee sourced from Kibirizi factory to its product line.
Rwanda is renowned for its top-tier coffee.