WAKA launches platform allowing monthly subscription for fitness programs

On 8 November 2021 at 07:15

WAKA Fitness, one of the most popular gyms in Kigali, has introduced a platform dubbed ‘WAKA Pay’ that allows gym enthusiasts to pay for an annual subscription in installments. With the platform, customers pay just Rwf 25,000 subscriptions using debit cards every month.

WAKA Pay was officially launched on Friday 22nd October 2021 to ease customers’ transactions.

Individuals interested in the subscription can access the platform via provided website link www.wakaglobal.com/welcome-to-waka-life/

Sign-ups involve an upfront payment of Rwf 30,000 joining fee plus the first month’s payment of Rwf 25,000. Each month users are charged Rwf 25,000 automatically on their debit card of choice so they don’t have to save up for a membership or worry about coming in to pay.

Among others, gym enthusiasts will be entitled to recurring payments lasting for twelve months.

Subscribers using WAKA Pay will be allowed access to all services that were previously exclusive to particular clients. These include the use of desired equipment at their preferred WAKA location and attending group training sessions amid other fitness programs.

Payments will be made through https://payment.wakaglobal.com/choose-location.

Jeannetta Craigwell, the Chief Executive Officer, has said that the new platform will easily facilitate more people to subscribe to the fitness programs.

“We have always felt we were not doing enough to bring health and fitness to as many people as possible. Now with WAKA Pay, we can,” she said.

Wivine Gwaneza, the marketing manager at WAKA Fitness has explained that the new platform gives relief to customers who would struggle to pay for a subscription at once.

“We integrated the system with clients’ debit cards so that they can be able to pay annual subscription fees in 12 installments of Rwf 25,000 every month,” she explained.

“A customer first has to go through the registration process and choose the gym’s location whether in town or Kimihurura. He/she then uses the card to make payments which can’t take longer than five minutes! It’s fast, easy and affordable,” added Gwaneza.

WAKA started operations in Kimihurura [at Papyrus restaurant] in 2014. It has expanded and opened a new branch in town where it has had another gym in the Makuza building since 2018.

WAKA has a team of trained professionals who can put you on a fitness program based on your targets and subscription length. The center’s equipment ranges from cardio equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes, a mini basketball/football court, a climbing wall(the first in Kigali), spinning studio, among other equipment.