Water For People commits to providing clean water to 1.5 million Rwandans

On 6 February 2024 at 11:19

Water For People is dedicated to providing clean water to 1.5 million Rwandans in 15 districts over the next five years, according to an announcement made during an event commemorating the organization’s 15th anniversary in Rwanda at the Kigali Marriott Hotel on February 5, 2024.

Eugene Dusingizumuremyi, the Country Director of Water For People in Rwanda, highlighted the significance of this initiative, expressing the goal to assist Rwanda in enhancing access to clean water and sanitation. The objective involves the construction and maintenance of water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure.

Since its establishment in Rwanda in 2008, Water For People has positively impacted over 1.02 million Rwandans across 1,297 villages in five districts, providing them with access to clean water.

In Ruhango district, a new water supply network benefited over 5,000 residents.

In addition to water supply initiatives, the organization has played a role in improving hygiene and sanitation in Rwanda, generating 48,400 jobs between 2018 and 2023. Sanitation facilities, including standard toilets, sinks, and rainwater collection systems, have been installed in 296 schools and 64 health centers.

Water For People has collaborated with 24 districts to formulate strategic plans for enhancing access to clean water and sanitation. These plans aid districts in evaluating their water requirements, associated costs, and potential supply sources.

The organization has implemented three waste treatment plants in the Gicumbi, Nyamagabe, and Rulindo districts. Additionally, hygiene and sanitation centers have been established in 11 other districts, enhancing the accessibility and affordability of sanitation services and facilities for residents.

Residents, like Hatangimana Célestin from the Gicumbi district, attest to the positive impact of these initiatives, noting the transformative change in their ability to access clean water since the arrival of Water For People.

Since 2008, Water For People has invested $46,710,641 (approximately 59.6 billion Rwandan francs) in water and sanitation projects in Rwanda.

Dr. Jimmy Gasore, the Minister of Infrastructure, praised the collaborative efforts between Water For People and the Rwandan government, which have significantly improved access to clean water and sanitation.

Mark Duey, Water For People’s Director of Global Programs, acknowledged the Rwandan government’s endeavors to enhance the well-being of its citizens, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between governments and non-governmental organizations for a better world.