We don’t need another governance lesson because Rwanda has a good leader – Gen Kabarebe

On 14 juillet 2022 at 12:36

The Senior Presidential Advisor on security matters, Gen James Kabarebe has said that Rwandans do not need outsiders to teach them governance lessons because they drew the greatest lesson from the visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame.

He was delivering a public lecture to students of IPRC Tumba on the history of Rwanda before, during and after colonial rule as well as the struggle for its liberation.

Gen Kabarebe said that President Kagame made a lot of reforms during the Liberation Struggle, particularly encouraging them to maintain solidarity as people striving for a common goal.

Rwandans who joined the struggle had come from different countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and former Zaïre.

Gen Kabarebe revealed that President Kagame gave them a clear guidance and advised them to keep divisions at bay if they were to win.

He said that Kagame initially instilled the Rwandan spirit because the war leaves deaths, casualties likely to spark blame games as some people start complaining that they are overloaded, deployed in risky zones or on frontline.

Gen Kabarebe revealed that having common understanding among soldiers and working together to strive for shared aspirations reflect the role of a good leader who works tirelessly to prevent those intending to hold back achieved gains.

“These were our sources of strength. Even though we were few, we had a strong foundation of good leadership and positive mindsets. RPA drew its strength from a good leader, started a good fight and won. We don’t need any more governance lesson because Rwanda has a good leader,” he said.

Emmanuel Ndagijimana, one of students from IPRC Tumba revealed that the lecture inspired him to stick to the value of patriotism, keep up efforts to consolidate gains and work with others to achieve envisioned national development.

Marlene Rugambwa, another student said that the lecture gave her courage to contribute to the nation in his capacity.

The Senior Presidential Advisor on security matters, Gen James Kabarebe delivering a lecture to IPRC Tumba students.