President Kagame on lifting the COVID-19 Lockdown

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 28 April 2020 at 02:00

President Paul Kagame has noted that rushing to lift the lockdown might pose a risk of undoing the gains made during the lockdown, which has been in place since 14th March 2020 and is expected to come to an end on Thursday, April 30.

The Head of State has said that cabinet will meet this week to analyses available information on the progress in containing COVID-19, which will inform the next course of action.

Kagame was addressing a virtual press conference that brought together members of the local and international press corps on Monday, April 27, the president said that opening up the economy from the ongoing lockdown will be a phased exercise.

This week’s Cabinet will consider information that has been collected from different sources which will inform the decision that will be taken about the lockdown.

“The cabinet of Ministers is supposed to meet and put together the information that has been collected from different places including the work that has been done by the Ministry of Health in collecting data both from rural and urban areas, specifically in the capital City of Kigali, and also analyzing what is going on around us in the region, cross-border activity and how that feeds into the problem that we have to deal with,” he said.

Kagame reminded journalists that at the beginning of the outbreak, the challenges seemed to be insurmountable but the country had taken measures progressively and used resources at its disposal to keep citizens safe from the virus.

“It is a sort of balance act. How much do you continue progress and not allow the virus to make a comeback and how much of a calculated risk do we take to balance normal life versus the problem we have? We will be deliberately taking it step by step, looking at the data, looking at how people are being affected, how they also get involved in dealing with the problem,” he said.

President Paul Kagame said that rushing to fully open the economy pauses a risk of undoing the gains made in the fight against the pandemic