What is the fate of ‘Amarembo City Center’ project?

On 3 August 2022 at 03:51

It has been five years since Kigali City announced the construction of ‘Amarembo City Center’, a complex building which is comprised of architectural marvels expected to make the city’s skyline richer and more colourful.

It is among construction projects conceptualized long ago as the idea to erect the complex building surfaced in 2004.

Eighteen years on, the project has not yet materialized mainly owing to misunderstanding between individuals owning plots of land in the designated area and the management of Kigali City.

The structures will be erected at former premises of Akagera Motors, Ets. Verma, Mironko and Mukangira between Kigali City Mall (former Union Trade Center) and Kigali City Tower.

Amarembo will be comprised of buildings extended on 120,000 square meters.

Initially, the complex building was expected to feature commercial buildings, offices, entertainment, upper and ground parking, a hotel and pool among others.

As of today, only one building is being erected while the remaining space is idle.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday 3rd August 2022, the Mayor of Kigali City, Pudence Rubingisa said that it has been three years since they engaged in discussions with investors in ‘Amarembo City Center’ project where the next course of action is to consider the application of land related law.

“An assessment of Amarembo City Center project was conducted three years ago. They are required to use the land properly, or else, it will be given to well-prepared investors,” he said.

Last year, the City of Kigali announced that discussions with individuals owning plots of land in the area were ongoing but some of them failed to get on common ground, hence necessitating the intervention of other investors.

At the time, it was resolved to seek other investors in collaboration with Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Habi Ltd, one of investors in this project started construction activities in August.

The investor will raise a building under ‘The Nobelia’ project to feature structures opposite the main roundabout.

It is expected that the project will be comprised of water-efficient green buildings using renewable energy.

The 19-floor building will be extended on 12000 square meters. It will have offices to let and commercial buildings.

Initially, ‘Amarembo City Center’ was expected to be built by three investors with plots of land in the area but negotiations bore no fruits that each individual decided to raise a standalone building.

The wave left the latter divided into three projects aligning with Kigali City Master Plan.

Apart from Nobelia, another project retained the name of ‘Amarembo City Center’ to be built at former premises of Akagera Motors, down to former premises of Chez Venant and a space opposite to a former petrol station.

The third one is Mironko project to be executed at the opposite side of Rubangura.

On the issue of idle plots of land in the city centre and Muhima among other places, Rubingisa revealed that owners were notified of possible course of action where the government might withhold them or give them to investors in accordance with legal provisions.

The artistic impression of Amarembo City Center.
The Mayor of Kigali City, Pudence Rubingisa speaking to the media.