What to expect from African Forensic Science Academy launched in Kigali

On 9 March 2023 at 04:43

The opening of the African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM) has been officially launched African Forensic Science Academy (AFSA) and is expected to contribute to the development of forensic services in Africa.

AFSA was launched in Kigali on Tuesday 7th March 2023 at the official opening of the African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM) International Conference which brought together researchers and experts in the area of forensic services.

The academy was officially launched by the Minister of Justice and State Attorney General, Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja and the Head of AFSA during the ASFM International Conference held in Kigali.

The academy will serve as a professional representative body for forensic science practitioners in Africa.

It is expected to build the capacity of African countries in forensic services.

AFSA activities will be rolled out either in online or in-person format overtime. It envisages training programmes in various formats, development of best-practice guidelines, webinars, workshops and much more.

Minister Ugirashebuja said that the launch of the academy in Rwanda as the host country of the conference is a result of RFL’s achievements.

Since it was launched five years ago, RFL has greatly contributed to justice delivery with forensic evidence services.

Dr. Ugirashebuja emphasized that forensic evidence services are crucial in enhancing quality justice.

The Head of ASFM, Dr Uwom Okereke Eze explained that the academy was opened in Rwanda because of achieved milestone in forensic services.

He underscored that the academy will set pace for transformations with impact on the entire African continent.

Rwanda Forensic Laboratory offers services including forensic toxicology, drug and chemistry, and documents examination and fingerprint analysis, DNA forensics, ballistics, forensic pathology and digital forensics.

As at November last year, RFL was offering services to more than 20 African countries since it was established in 2018.

Speaking at the event, the Director General of RFL, Dr. Charles Karangwa said that AFSA will play an important role not only for Rwanda but also for the African continent as it will promote research and foster cooperation in forensic evidences.

The President of Supreme Court, Dr. Faustin Ntezilyayo said that Rwanda will continue working closely with players in the sector to deliver justice to citizens.

He emphasized that Rwanda is pleased to host the academy and expects continued collaboration to provide needed contribution to the delivery of quality justice in Africa.

Dr. Ntezilyayo also reiterated the Government of Rwanda’s commitment to develop the AFSA to become more meaningful to different countries.

The academy will also intervene in conducting DNA tests, investigate disputed death circumstances, and deploy latest technology in forensic services among others.