What You need to know about Off the Record: Sanny’s Fresh Take on Weekly Trends and Insights Podcast

By Esther Muhozi
On 17 June 2024 at 06:59

In an exciting development for podcast enthusiasts, Sanny, the host of the widely popular “The Long Form” podcast, is set to launch a brand-new show called “Off the Record.” Unlike his previous podcast, which features in-depth interviews, this new venture will provide Sanny’s personal take on trending news and events, promising to offer a refreshing perspective each week.

Meet Sanny: The Man Behind the Mic

Sanny, a proud father of two and a devoted Rwandan, is known for his insightful and engaging conversations on “The Long Form” podcast. With a reputation for being fun, sarcastic, and deeply caring about his community, Sanny has captivated audiences with his ability to delve into a wide array of topics. From political figures and business leaders to artists and athletes, his interviews have always been a platform for diverse voices and stories.

Sanny is set to bring a fresh and exciting voice to the podcasting world.

The Birth of “Off the Record”

The idea for “Off the Record” was sparked by Sanny’s desire to address current events and share his unfiltered opinions. As he explains, the new podcast will focus on events of the past week, ranging from politics and sports to entertainment and culture. Unlike the interview-based format of “The Long Form,” this new show will be driven by Sanny’s personal reflections and analyses.

What to Expect

Listeners can anticipate a dynamic and engaging format. Sanny will dive into topics such as local and international politics, social media trends, and significant cultural happenings. His goal is to help audiences understand how global events impact Rwanda and vice versa.

Sanny’s new podcast promises to be both informative and entertaining. “Off the Record” will allow him to be his true self, sharing his thoughts on various issues without the constraints of formal interviews. The show will also feature occasional guest appearances, providing a platform for interesting stories and unique perspectives.

The Launch

“Off the Record” will premiere on Friday, June 21st, with new episodes dropping every Friday morning at 5:00 AM. The podcast will be available on YouTube, as well as on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Whether you prefer listening or watching, Sanny’s engaging style and insightful commentary are sure to keep you hooked.

With the launch of “Off the Record,” Sanny is set to bring a fresh and exciting voice to the podcasting world. His unique blend of humor, insight, and passion for current events will undoubtedly make this new show a must-listen. So mark your calendars and get ready to tune in for a weekly dose of trending news and personal opinions from one of Rwanda’s most captivating podcasters.