Who is Nyirarugero, the newly appointed Governor of Northern Province

On 16 March 2021 at 01:44

On 15th March 2021, President Paul Kagame made cabinet reshuffles whereby Nyirarugero Dancilla, emerged to be a new figure appointed the Governor of Northern Province replacing Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney who headed to the Ministry of Local Government.

During an exclusive interview with IGIHE, Nyirarugero explained more about her life and how she welcomed the appointment.

Nyirarugero is a mother of four who speaks with a warm heart mixing introducing Biblical verses in discussions. She is a Christian in the Anglican Church.

Nyirarugero studied at Rungu Primary School located in Gacaca sector, Musanze district and later pursued secondary studies at Lycée Notre-Dame de Cîteaux in Kigali. She later graduated in Economics at INES-Ruhengeri.

Nyirarugero pursued Master’s degree in Makerere, Uganda and later obtained Master’s degree in quality education related courses from Germany in 2019.

The mother aged 54 has revealed that she was surprised for the appointment as he had never dreamt of holding senior leadership positions.

“I surprised and delighted me to see the President of the Republic bestowing trust upon me and assigning me to the position,” she said.

Nyirarugero used to have feelings that she could become the rector of a university once she obtains a Doctorate (PhD) because she served in the education sector since 2009.

“Because I was passionate about education, I had a wish to obtain a PhD that I can be the rector of a particular university,” noted Nyirarugero.

As you speak to her, it won’t take long to realize that Nyirarugero is always optimistic, self-less and courageous which helped her throughout her career in the education sector.

“I am keen on working and have a feeling to attain great things. This gives me courage to work hard and collaborate with others to achieve goals,” she explained.

Commenting on her new appointment, Nyirarugero thanked the President of the Republic and promised to work hard to deliver on promises.

“First of all, I voice my appreciation to President Paul Kagame for bestowing trust upon me assigning me the Governor of Northern Province. I will work hard to deliver to the best of my ability in collaboration with residents of this Province,” said Nyirarugero.

Since 2009, Nyirarugero has been working in the education sector. She started her career at INES-Ruhengeri and later worked at Muhabura Polytechnic where she was a lecturer and head of the department of Economics.

She was born in Muhoza sector, Musanze district of Northern Province where she was raised.

Nyirarugero Dancilla has been appointed the Governor of Northern Province.