Wisdom School pledges to shine at intercontinental English language contest in Canada

On 2 May 2022 at 10:29

Students at Wisdom School have revealed that they are well prepared for English intercontinental competitions to be held in Toronto of Canada in July this year.

The contest will bring together different international schools from more than 15 countries from Africa, USA, Asia and Europe with a view to sharpen children’s written and spoken proficiencies in English language.

During the latest competition held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 17th December 2021, three students from Wisdom School emerged among winners.

At the time, the school was represented by 21 students out of 200 participants.

Some of students set to represent the school at the contest to be held in Toronto have disclosed that they will take advantage of acquired knowledge to induce pride to the country and win awards.

“I have done enough exercises on the support of my colleagues and teachers. I stand big chances to win because I know the secret which is to listen and respond attentively. We will be representing Rwanda and want to induce pride to the country,” said Merveille Keza.

Stacy Umubyeyi Habimana has also said that the school helps them to make enough exercises and expressed optimism to shine.

“I do enough exercises and have prior experience in Dubai contest which will be leveraged to perform better. We exhibited good performance and emerged among winners. I have been through intensified preparations and have confidence that we shall outperform competitors,” he noted.

“I considered it an unusual event but I opened eyes after my colleagues went to Dubai and performed well. My parents started supporting me since then that I am prepared enough. I will compete courageously like a soldier on the battlefield. We shall win and walk away with awards,” said another student identified as Elisa Ishimwe.

Innocent Gasasira Kwizera, a teacher training these students expected to participate in the contest expressed confidence that they will perform well because they are taught through an international program.

“We have confidence that our children will exhibit good performance because we are currently teaching them under an international program. We outperformed Arabs last year and this motivates our students to set fears aside to speak fluently,” he said.

The Director of Wisdom School, Elie Nduwayesu has said that students are trained to strive for excellence and the country’s reputation everything else. He called on everyone to provide support to overcome financial constraints and increase the number of students representing the school.

“The experience from Dubai gives us confidence that we shall also win big in Toronto. We request children and train them to do research and read extensively. We try to take them through the context under which judges ask questions. Our children are aware that they will be representing Rwanda. When you are representing such a large number of people, it gives courage to work harder,” he said.

“We are allowed to bring 45 students but we have got 26. We want parents, friends and education enthusiasts to support us so that we can have maximum representation because our students are capable. I thank parents who understood the relevance of the contest because it increases confidence when a child represents his/her country abroad,” he noted.

Wisdom School is a private school located in Musanze District with more campuses in Rubavu, Nyabihu and Burera districts.

The school’s graduates have been exhibiting excellent performance since 2012 where it has released 1416 students who continued studies in public schools while others were sent to pursue education overseas.

Learners from Wisdom School have pledged to shine at the competition.
Wisdom School has different branches in Rwanda.
Wisdom School is renowned for quality education.