YEGO Innovision Ltd. Launches YEGO Delivery - the quickest way to deliver goods & services in Kigali.

On 11 May 2020 at 01:01

In the wake of COVID-19, businesses large and small have been impacted, but the unorganized sectors have been hit especially hard. Approximately 99% of Moto Drivers are out of jobs, as they cannot carry Passengers while maintaining a safe distance. Meanwhile, the demand for home delivery has grown exponentially, since residents have to stay at home and limit their movements. In order to support Moto Drivers, YEGO began training them for Delivery as soon as the Lockdown was announced.

The focus of the training was on teaching Drivers how to stay safe, maintain a safe distance while delivering, and how to practice proper hygiene at all times.

Therefore, we have implemented a cashless, no-contact delivery process to protect the health and safety of our Customers, Drivers, and Merchants. All our drivers wear masks and use sanitizers before handing over goods. We currently have a fleet of 50+ Motos for Delivery in Kigali, all of whom are equipped with ICFMs (Intelligent Connected Fare Meters).

Getting delivery boxes has been a big challenge but we hope that, in the coming months, our fleet will expand to 1000 Motos.

After completing our roll-out in Kigali, we plan to roll out the service to other cities in Rwanda. YEGO’s aim is to address a much larger demographic and to enable them to enjoy the online shopping experience.

We have already partnered with over 60 merchants including Restaurants, Groceries, Supermarkets and Pharmacies. We intend to support all SMEs and independent contractors offering different good and services. Although our mobile App and website are under development, financial inclusivity has always been a core value at YEGO.

Today, with a simple feature phone you can place and pay for your order; one doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet!


Simply call a merchant, place your order and pay, and say “I want Yego to deliver my order”. The Merchant provides YEGO with your phone number. Our Agent calls you, confirms your delivery location, and your order is delivered in 60 minutes or less! “We have been testing our service for over a month and have seen that most orders are delivered within 35 minutes!

Moreover, since our drivers deliver only one order at a time (orders are not clubbed), this means your food order arrives warm and fresh. Our Drivers benefit as they get more rides and a chance to earn a fair living.”

3 Simple Steps for Merchants:

1. A Customer calls the Merchant, places an order, and pays via Mobile Money.

2. The Merchant sends the customer’s phone number to Yego’s WhatsApp.

3. A Yego Driver picks the order and delivers it to the Customer. Metered Charges: The Delivery charges are calculated automatically based on the distance from the Merchant to the Customer. Cashless Payments: Customers can pay with Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, MTN Tap & Pay, or Yegomoto Ride-Tap-Pay NFC tags.

Since we insist on cashless payments and support a range of methods, you don’t have to worry about having exact change or risk contracting COVID-19 by handling cash. We wholeheartedly support Rwanda’s Vision to become a cashless economy.

While Rwanda has done a stellar job of limiting the spread of COVID-19, it seems that social distancing will be the “new normal”. We will change the way we eat, access goods & services, and even socialize.

YEGO aims to create a delivery ecosystem that benefits the community by safely delivering meals, groceries, medicines, etc., by our trained drivers.

Supporting the delivery ecosystem benefits local vendors and customers while also helping our Moto Drivers feed their families.

YEGO reiterates its commitment to the national economic strategy on augmenting cashless transactions, enhancing safety and security, driving financial inclusion, creating employment, and facilitating digital literacy to benefit all Rwandans.

In order to support Moto Drivers, YEGO began training them for Delivery as soon as the Lockdown was announced.
All our drivers wear masks and use sanitizers before handing over goods.