Young man drowns in Bugugu pond

On 18 February 2021 at 07:01

A 22-year old young man identified as Prince Muhire has drowned in Bugugu pond commonly known as Riwacanyoni as he went to swim.

Neighboring residents have appealed on leaders to fence the perimeters of the pond to avoid similar incidents because the youth has made it a habit to swim in the pond.

The incident took place yesterday evening.

The deceased hails from Kamata village, Cyanya cell of Kigabiro sector in Rwamagana district, Eastern Province from where another 13-year old child drowned in the same pond swimming.

The executive secretary of Kigabiro sector, Egide Hanyurwimfura has told IGIHE that young man drowned around 4pm.

“I have learnt that the young man drowned in the pond as he went to swim. We immediately delegated local leaders who collaborated with residents to retrieve his body. Police and health workers also rushed to the scene and took the body for autopsy,” he said.

Neighboring residents who talked to IGIHE on condition of anonymity expressed worries for susceptible similar deaths and appealed on the Government to fence the pond.

“Young people including amateurs always come to swim in this pond every evening. Some of them drown while others are sometimes rescued in the process of drowning,” said one resident.

The executive secretary Hanyurwimfura appealed on parents to collaborate with local leaders to chase out children coming to swim in the pond.

“We continue sensitization, requesting neighboring parents and relevant authorities to oversee the pond. We have delegated security patrols but swimmers sometimes use the pond when security patrol agents have gone to do their usual work. We however continue to remind residents not to use the pond,” he noted.

The young man’s body has been taken to Rwamagana Hospital for postmortem before proceeding with burial.

Bugugu pond is located Rwamagana district.