Youth urged to create global innovations

On 27 November 2020 at 05:03

Rwanda’s youth have been urged to create innovations with global market competencies to market Made in Rwanda’s reputation.

The request was made on Wednesday at the closure of three-day YouLead Summit 2020 bringing together the youth from East African Community (EAC) to assess their contribution towards addressing different problems pertaining to politics, peace and trade.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of EAC in Tanzania but some meeting points were established in different countries to participate virtually due to COVID-19.

Fredrick Kamusiime, the Division Manager for EAC and Eastern African Affairs at Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted that Rwanda’s youth needs to push themselves to global market by creating outstanding innovations.

“You should put much effort in markets study. Apparently, there won’t be gun wars anymore. The remaining struggle is to liberate our market thrusting forward to make own cars and other technology gadgets,” he said.

“The war ahead is different from what your predecessors experienced. It is within your capacity to come up with new ideas and strive to take the lead,” added Kamusiime.

He stressed that their innovations need to be adapted to current technology to expand market as the world is going digital.

Josephine Uwamariya, the Country Director ActionAid Rwanda which heads organizations behind YouLead Summit in Rwanda explained that capacitating the youth is an investment for the better future.

“Youth are the leaders of today and tomorrow not only in Rwanda but also in EAC, Africa and across the world. The youth’s role is highly needed to act as the backbone for attain Sustainable Development Goals,” she stressed.

Uwamariya urged the youth to always update their innovations lest they are left behind.

ThroughoutYouLead Summit best youth’s projects were awarded.

The annual YouLead Summit is aimed at empowering EAC youth in the areas of trade and investment, leadership and peace.

Participating youth was urged to create global innovations.